New Pan v2 won't appear after shared to another account

Just got my new Cam Pan v2! I can share the camera with another account, but neither of my 2 new cameras appear on my wife’s account. The app says she has accepted the cameras on my end and hers. Help? Update to app coming soon?

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you test it again and submit a device log? Thank you so much. (You can submit a device log from Account → Wyze Support → Submit a Log → Select “Pan V2”)

submitted a log, but I haven’t heard back from anyone. The issue is still there. Sometimes the shared account can see events, but it cannot see the cameras

We also were having this issue on our pan cam V2. Cam V3 and WCO shared with no problem. But the pan cam V2 was saying share request accepted on host and shared phones (LG V60 Android).

I was able to fix it (unexpectedly) by canceling the share, Then changing the name of the cam and re-sharing. Then it worked!

Hope this helps…

I tried this when the problem first appeared. And yesterday I tried it again with no luck. She can see some events but it will missing a thumbnail. Although, the cameras do not appear at all.

I would double check app and camera for updates. Then I would delete pan cam and re-install on both phones. Don’t know why, but the Wyze software can be picky sometimes…

I have this issue on android only. Have tried all suggestions to no avail.

I have this same issue, hoping there is a fix soon. I recently added a Pan v2 and Cam v3, and only the Pan v2 will not share

Same problem here on Android

(on android) This is continuing with the new Bulb whites. We already have the old bulbs which appear on my account, but won’t appear on the wife’s account after she had accepted the share.

Person I shared with signed out of their account and back in, and all off a sudden all missing shares showed up.

This fixed it! Signed out and signed back in. Too simple. Thank you.

Same here, a re-login now shows the camera for the shared user!

I am having same issue. Logging in and back out does not resolve the issue.