New location - wifi set up issues

I have a android Samsung 8. I am moving my Wyze Cam v2 from one location to another. Different address, different wifi.

When I try to set up camera in new location, I get the voice prompt & follow the instruction - however the wifi info does not automatically populate. It defaults to my old wifi at the other location. The camera does not have a microsd. I did a factory reset & I power cycled.

My guess is the info has been saved to my android, however I don’t want to uninstall my wyze app on my phone & lose my other 5 cameras. Any ideas?

You can uninstall the app and reinstall. All the info is stored on the server. When you log in, it will be back.

But… you should be able to manually override the prefill on the wifi setup when you get to that step.

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I know this is an old post. If I’m understanding correctly, you will need to connect your Samsung 8 to the same SSID you want the camera to connect to. When it takes the picture of the QR code, the camera will then connect to the new SSID.