New guy, new ideas?

Or maybe old ideas, and the new guy missed them.

Different alert tones, that way the cameras are discernible from one another. I have a few that are low on my concern with checking, but every time I get an alert I have to check. Kind of like how you set a certain ring tone for your mother in-law and you know not to answer, vs wife’s ring tone.

Second. Some how alerted to a loss of power.

Now that I have my ideas I will go back and read and find this has been brought up already. High five to the new guy. RTFM.

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These topics already exist in the #wishlist.

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Try searching for “alert tone” and “power loss”.

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Welcome to the neighborhood! @Loki‘s links will take you where you need to go for checking ideas.
As far as different alert tones, at least in my IPhone the tone is changeable by app in Settings but I don’t know of a way to assign multiple tones to one app based on the type of event (alert on a specific cam) the app is notifying you of. Good idea though!

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