New Grid Monitoring - no longer event records or notifies? Why?

Wyze Cam V2 or App - since upgrade to grid detection, can/app detects motion during the recording but does not issue event recorded and does not notify

I have found that when I update things on my Wyze app, it sometimes just turns of the notifications. I would check the notification setting on the Wyze app and for the Wyze app on your phone settings.

I appreciate the first response. I been toggling back and forth, resetting, reinstalling and nothing is bringing it back to the better (pre-Grid, single box) effectiveness.

I have also swapped CAM V2s. The result is much the same, as it picks up some pixels and notifies, but not all motions (like the single-box) solution once did. Even as I try multiple sensitivity settings.

It would be great if a Wyze expert would advise some gaps in the new solution, e.g. gaps detection in a single pixel??

I’ve ruled out notification issue, motion issue and down to the single or two pixel issue not sensing motion that well.