New customer. Play back not loading

I got and set up the systems nearly 18 hours ago. My event recordings are no longer loading to play back.
I have an Android if that matters

Welcome to the community. You will find a lot of individuals willing to help here.

Couple of questions:

  1. What System?
  2. Are you using V3, V2, WCO Camera’s?
  3. or are you talking about something else or another product

In your Camera settings, assuming that is what you need, you go to the camera then click on the Gear at the top right then:

  • Go to the Detection Settings and make sure your sensitivity is set high enough to trigger an event. For now, turn off Detection Zones if it is on. you can turn it off once you get notifications and the events show up on the Event Tab,

  • Go To Event Recordings and Turn on Detects Motion. If this is not on, no event will be recorded. You can also trigger events by sound, If you are interested in that, then simply turn on that option

  • Under Notifiations, turn on Notifications and select All Motion and/or Wyze AI Notifications assuming you are using CamPlus.

If all of this is set, go to the Events option and make sure there is no fileters on. This can be seen if you have any of the items colored Green. They should be white if there are no filters.