New Cube Camera stopped working

Hi, I just set up my new cube camera that just came, I added it to my app, and did the firmware updates, but now it won’t connect to my app. (my other pan/tilt camera been working fine for weeks). I tried to delete the camera and re-add it but all I get is a steady yellow light, pressing Setup does nothing. I’ve unplugged it for a while, does not help. I tried to message Wyze for help but all I get is a “We’re rolling CMC into Cam Plus!” message… Thanks, Jeff. PS Oh, can SD cards be reformatted by the cube cam?

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If you click the X on that message it should bring you to the support system.

Which “Cube cam”? The official names are V2, pancam and WCO (Wyze cam outdoor). I wonder if your cam had an issue when it was being upgraded to the newest firmware. Did it loose power during the process or something? Check out manual firmware flashing for which ever wyzecam that you have the issues with. I brought a V2 back to life after a manual flash.

SD card can be formatted in the cam, but also with a computer. There are many threads in the forums here about size, types and ways to format.

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Hi, Wyze [cube] Cam v2. It was working fine, and I went into the settings to look around and I turned on the IR LEDs…and that was it, They came on but then the camera stopped working. [i.e. it turns on, I see the yellow light on the back on, and the 4 red LEDs on front on, but I can’t connect to it…pressing Setup button, even for several seconds does nothing]

I’d try closing the app, reopening it and then trying to connect to the cameras live view again. Now does any error message come up or what shows in the screen?

I’ve fully closed the app and reopened it several times, when I try to re-add the camera all I get is a steady yellow light when I press the Setup button. I’ve unplugged it for a while a couple times too. Not good. Defective camera??

Have you tried a manual firmware flash? That might jumpstart it back to working. After the flash then try the install again.

Tred that with Tech Support, they sending me a new camera. Thanks…

Best to format them with V2 or pan cam… Might try resetting it