New camera colors alerts

Hey guys,

Just wondering how I can get alerts for when Wyze releases a different colored camera. I saw on this forum that they released a green Wyze Cam V2 but it was already sold out when I went to the page. How can I receive alerts when a unique product like that becomes available? I need to buy 2 more cameras and would like to switch it up from the “boring” white ones that I’ve gotten these past 3 years from Wyze.

Also are there any other colored cameras coming out? Maybe the green one will make a comeback in March for St. Patty’s?

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They still had black in stock when I ordered another camera last weekend. Other than that, I haven’t seen anything about plans for more colors. Another option would be vinyl wrap in any color or pattern you like.

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It still here

Maybe try model building paint. The black face plate pop out with finger nail.

I clicked on " Notify me when this product is in stock" but it didn’t do anything. I don’t want to spray paint it, it won’t look as good as the original.

Black one’s out of stock too currently.

On the Wyze site? How about at any home depot’s near you?

for some reason I think home depot got rid of the black one in mine area

Home depot on line say you can order it

also they make skins for them

just more photo of skins


Thanks man, I guess I will just order skins from now on. Some of those look ridiculous but cool lol.