New Beta firmware on Pan and Cam V2

We just released the latest firmware which is integrated the latest updates for Wyze Sense bridge. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you so much.

Cam V2

  • Integrated the latest firmware for Wyze Sense bridge


  • Integrated the latest firmware for Wyze Sense bridge

Is there a list of changes and bug fixes?

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I did read the Sense would be compatible with V1 cameras, yes?

@WyzeRoy. Will the V1 cameras get new F/W also? Current is

The Cam V1 version with the latest Wyze Sense bridge support will be coming soon. Thank you.

Is anyone else having issues where it says the Cameras are up to date but the beta numbers arent matching? The only thing I havent done is leave the program then come back on google.

So far Ive uninstalled the app. Reinstall did nothing.
Signed out and signed back in.
Uninstalled with signing out and clearing cache and data. (Weird cause when opened upon reinstall I was still signed in)
The playstore once clicked on the wyze app says Im in the beta tester.
Everything still says up to date? What am I doing wrong? Is there a secret cache Im wondering since it logs me back in automatically when I redownload the app?
Youd think clearing the cache and data would make me have to log back in again. But it doesnt. And the cameras just all say up to date. Glitch?

Possible solution? Sorry didnt tag you earlier.

I’ve got 3 versions of firmware - on a V2, the “clear cam” I was awarded I understand this is the “production” version - My stock V2’s - My Pan cams

I thought the stock V2’s and the Pan cam could be different because of different functions but cannot figure out why the clear cam does not upgrade. I’ve got a ticket in on that.

So its not just me.

Did this update get pulled? I’n in the Beta but it says i’m up to date on

Same here - Android
Apparently iOs is getting it.
There was some discussion of need to “flash” firmware for Android.
I’ve one V2 cam stuck on and four V2’s on

Apparently I needed to update my app.
After that was done I was notified of firmware upgrade.

Was the option to daisy-chain pan to v2 and vice versa? Did the v1 got invited to the party yet?

Yes, firmware versions are tied to app versions. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to report that I was successful in converting my WyzeCam V2 to the Beta version [carefully following the supplied instructions] and added the camera to my IP Cam Viewer app along with my other cameras on my local LAN. A great first step but I’m still stymied in my attempts to get remote Internet access via RTSP. I’ve tried port-forwarding on my wireless router but I must not have the proper syntax for the URL. I have a DDNS account and perfect access to my other cameras that use HTTP ports [e.g. port 80 changed to a higher value and forwarded], but I have so far failed to change and forward a redirected RTSP port 554. I’d be very happy to hear if anyone has been able to gain REMOTE access to their RTSP WyzeCam from outside their LAN using a third-party viewer.

Will USB Ethernet devices be enabled with this update?

There is a #wishlist topic here: WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support

You can vote for it at the top-left of the topic. :slight_smile: