New Beta Firmware for IOS Got Released today

Hello Beta Testers,My name is Wendy and I’m a Technical Product Manager at Wyze. Today we have released a new Beta firmware for IOS devices. If you are in our Beta Tester group, you can download a 2.5 version app from one of our previous builds, you will be able to access this new firmware.

Here’s what’s new in this new firmware:
— Adjusted the AI person detection algorithm
— Reduced false person detection alerts from pets
— Improved the stability of the AI model
— Bug Fixes

We have received lots of feedback from you regarding the person detection feature since our last release. With your help, we have further trained and fine tuned our AI model.

We’re still working on improvements to Rules and live stream lagging issues but they aren’t ready for testing yet. We need your insight to help us to improve our AI model and camera stability. We will be able to make Wyze products better with your support.