New Beta App released to fix the Android Q compatibility issue

Dear Beta testers, we just launched a new Beta version to fix the Android Q Beta compatibility issue. Looking forward to your feedback.

Android 2.3.15

  • Fixed the compatibility issue on Android Q Beta
  • Changed the interaction on accessing the individual camera in live stream multiple view
  • Fixed some issues on Two-Factor Authentication
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Is there another firmware release?

this is nice!

What is the nature of the change in access to single camera view? (I’m on iOS so haven’t seen this yet)

click anywhere in the view (multi view) to bring into the individual camera view. before you hv to click on the lower middle box

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I just installed beta 6 of Android Q. Using the beta version of wyze I can’t get video. It goes through the 3 steps but just sits at “Getting video data” and retrying.

The app seems to work fine when I’m at home. When I’m out it now hangs at step 1/3.

I’ve confirmed that on Android Q the Wyze beta app ONLY works if you are on WIFI. Doesn’t work on cell.