New app version buggy

1.4 app (on Android) Timed out , not connected, action,operation failed .

Seems like,The more that I play with the app the more it acts up , part of the time it’s working fine other times not, didn’t have these problems with old version , it ran smooth

I’m having the exact same issues with the new app (v1.4). On the newest firmware with the 1.3.x app version, things were fine. However, the new app seems to have introduced a good bit of connectivity issues.

It seems to help if I go to recent apps and close the app

I noticed the same thing as well, but while that may fix things for a little while, eventually the connectivity issues pop back up. They must have made some serious code changes going from 1.3.x to 1.4.

Has anyone tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app To see if it solves the problems, I haven’t done that .

OK, I just got an alert ,I go to view playback and there are no green sections Showing up for any alerts ,(It has done this quite a few times )Restart app Same thing ,I go to recent apps ,Close the app ,restart app ,everything is working great now

I don’t know if this will make any difference or not but , I just uninstalled And reinstalled the app , then updated to new version 1.4, So we will see if Problems crop up now or not

Installing and reinstalling the app did not fix it ,again no green sections on the timeline ,Then It went into authenticating And Camera not connected,I go to recent apps close it Open app back up and everything works fine

Same thing when I see ,Operation Failed, trying to turn off motion detection.

I kill the app , open app back up , changing motion detection works fine.

Support Ticket #70681 has been created.