New app, how to bulk delete?

How do you bulk delete entries on the most current version of the wyze app? There used to be a select all or delete all button(at this point i cannot remember which), but the point is, you used to have the power to delete any number of entries. Now, nothing, except going through each one?

Or am I missing something?

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I’ll assume you mean Android app v2.11.xx and deleting Events. If not, post more info.
Tap the pencil at the top right of the screen, tap Select All, then tap Delete at the bottom of the screen.

Mine is 2.11.32.

It doesn’t have the pencil any longer

That version number appears to be the beta app. Check the beta forum section.

I use the same beta version.

On IOS, this is what I get:

Ah OK. Thank you. My version is dark, so i didn’t see the pencil. I see it now. Tremendous thanks


Wait a sec, how did you get the dark theme?

Lol, that’s my phone. System wide dark mode for every app…

It’s part of Development mode in Android 10. It has some limitations with apps that aren’t dark mode ready. The missing (faded) pencil icon for example.