New 2.6 Beta App and Firmware released!

I’m a new Beta Tester. I’m running 2.14.34 How do I get the latest Beta app. I’ve uninstalled the production app but it re-downloads it (Play Store). It indicates “You’re a beta tester for this app. Future updates will include beta versions”. So, I need to download the beta app. How to do that??? Thanks.

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@justin.j.appi The play store will show “Update” if there is a new version available. Looks like you are already on the latest version. I’m running 2.14.34 as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Camera detecting just about all movements outside the detection zone.

Common Wyze. Surely you can do better than this mess with every new beta or official release.

yeah I wanted to report on the issue too, it’s the same for me, Detection zone settings aren’t working and it captures movement from the entire screen.

The most recent beta app release thread is here

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Would probably be helpful to others if most recent thread of release candidates were pinned. I have to go digging for them myself sometimes. :wink:

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I hear ya , me too :upside_down_face:

I’m sorry but I have to ask. I have a few cams that I’m beta testing with beta app on Android. I have a few cams that I’m not beta testing and using public release of that app on my iPhone. However I downgraded on of the apps to the public release so I could test the AI but now I’m getting the missing fragment and fail to upload errors again. Did something go wrong while downgrading? Thank you.

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