New 2.26.22 Android App and the Doorbell Camera (V1) Settings Button

For some reason on both of our Android 12 Pixel 4a/5g phones we cannot get to the settings button on the Doorbell screen. Is anyone else having this problem?
I can change the video resolution right below that gear button, but the gear button does not display the settings menu for the doorbell. Also, the back arrow at the top left of the video doorbell screen is so close to the front camera hole, it does not work either. This is not a big deal because I can just press the android back button, but not being able to get to the settings screen is a big problem for me.

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The Doorbell UI is a bit too high. if you Tap just below the gear and to the right some it will come up. This has been reported to Wyze for correction.


Thanks for the tip spamoni4 !!
It is real tricky on my Pixel 4a/5g.
I have to hit it just right, or all it does is blank out the bottom of the screen below the video.

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Yea, it does get to be a challenge at times. But when you find the spot, all is good again.

Yup, same here, Pixel 6 with Android 12

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Same issue. Pixel 5a. I cannot find a sweet spot. Unable to get to settings.

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Same here, terrible UI on this specific device. Unable to get to the Settings menu. Can we get this fixed please asap. Easiest workaround is to change your Display Size to Largest in your Android settings and then go to the Doorbell settings.

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Same issue on the Pixel 5, also the back button on the top left of the UI is partially hidden behind the hole punch camera.

I have a Pixel 5 and Pixel 6. For me the sweet spot is slightly lower than middle of the gear and to the right a bit. I also found tapping gently works, so the select area may be smaller than normal.

+1 on Pixel 6. I get the haptic feedback when hitting the settings button /icon but nothing happens

I have this same issue. Frustrating.

Any fix in the works. Definitely frustrating. Thought I was the only one. Pixel 5A

Seeing the same thing on pixel 5a. Can’t click settings gear.

Subscribed to Cam+ and now I can’t configure it. Ugh.

I have the same issue. This fix should take minutes to implement. I’ve been very unimpressed with WYZE.

I ended up going into developer options in Android settings. Google how to enable ‘developer options’.

Once enabled, In developer options I scrolled to the bottom and switched the value for ‘Display Cutout’ from ‘Device Default’ to ‘Render apps below the cutout area’.

I could then go into the doorbell settings and make the change I needed to make. I rarely go into settings so this was an ok workaround.

That being said, I agree it should be an easy fix for the Android devs on three wyze team and should be fixed ASAP.

I filed a ticket with Wyze. After 6 emails back and forth and it was a nightmare. They kept asking me to submit tickets with screen shots, as well as asking for me to click the gear and send device info. You know, just use the feature that the entire ticket is about. Here was the last response:

Good Afternoon Ken

Thank you for submitting a log! This greatly helps our engineering team as they work to better improve our products and the Wyze app.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow the progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions sometime in the future.

  • This request will be closed because we don’t have anything further troubleshooting we can do at this point.
  • This request will not be re-opened later.
  • Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions.

As always thank you for being a Wyze customer!

Dan (He/Him) | Wyze Wizard

Well that’s worthless. So no fix in sight it seems. Very frustrating.

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I was going to take a screenshot for a ticket and it works now. I am able to get to settings. Pixel 5a. version 2.27.33

Still working in Wyze android app 2.28.0 on Pixel 4a/5g, so that is good news.