Network (located in a home 1000 miles away) won't connect

I have a couple cameras and electrical switches running off a Verizon hot spot in a 2nd home many hours away. System has worked great all year. Last week I visited the home added a camera, moved an existing camera to another room and everything worked great when I got back home. Today nothing seems connected to the network. Is this something I have any chance of fixing remotely? The switch is (was) running a heater inside, the exterior temp is in the teens, so this is critically important (so pipes don’t freeze/ burst). Thank you so much for any help!

It doesn’t sound like something you can fix remotely. I’ve had space heaters trip breakers before. Any chance the heater may have killed power to everything?

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Thank you for responding. Agree and secretly that was my greatest fear (circuit breakers). Ugh. Another 2 day drive…

If I were ever to set up something like you have I would try to put the hotspot and camera on a different breaker than the space heater if possible. I would probably also have at least one non wyze device connected to WIFI as a check to make sure it wasn’t just the wyze devices that were offline. Some smart plugs can follow a preset schedule even if they lose internet connection but still have power (not sure if wyze plugs do this) so that could prove useful if you can’t connect to a plug remotely.

Would you be able to install a smart thermostat in that location? I’ve had high amp appliances trip outlet breakers too many times to trust 100%.

You might want to try this: No network required. They have one for heating and one for cooling.


You can also get plugin thermostats that would do the job, but the thermocube is the easiest.


Next time you’re there consider putting a decent size UPS in front of the hotspot and cameras, and maybe pointing a camera at the breaker panel. That will give you an hour or two of warning and the ability to view the house and breakers to know what you’re dealing with.


Hey that’s really cool. Thanks for the tip!