Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I always though that the MaxDrive sunk because Wyze discovered that the cams are not robust (hardware wise) to do the job. So providing NAS support is going to be limited by the same problems.

Many NAS’s are designed to act as a NVR for a few camera’s at the least. Even the smallest version could act as an NVR for even 1 camera. adding the support wouldn’t hurt, and at the very least allow for a greater market penetration by offering their cameras to those people/businesses who already have NAS’s.

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What do you think about wyze producing an nvr for their camera incase one decides to go that route. I like wyze camera and I will surely buy some.

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Hey Wyze! I’m a little confused about what a NAS or Max Drive is. Could someone please explain?

NAS = “network attached storage” A server on your local network, basically.

MaxDrive was a planned NAS product by Wyze that fell through: MaxDrive by Wyze (Cancelled)


I for myself, am so sad it fell through. This was going to be one of those products that, I feel, could make the product even better. I use multiple cameras from multiple companies (don’t put all your eggs in one basket), and I really love the wyze cams. Hopefully, wyze puts this back into development (meaning they have a plan!) so, my dreams can come true without me doing any work myself. Because who wants to build out a NAS to hold all those videos yourself? (I’m sure some of you do :smiley: )


Ditto that, QNAP,
Actually the TS-453A model

Another method could be having the api or at least the hooks to script automated cloud storage d/ls

But at sometime I’ve got to make the decision to “hack” some cams and glue together my own NAS solution or try to find a more automated solution. I’m beginning to think Wyze has relegated the NAS to a back burner :frowning:

Also WD MyCloud Pro (PR4100)

I would more think they looked at the NAS market, and recognised that there is already some very good, very powerful, and much more developed products for a price that they couldn’t compete with (Synology has some very good NAS’s for very good prices for example). I suspect their NAS will never be completed, when all they actually need to do is write a linux based app, that is usable across several NAS platforms, and requires a lot less development cost/overhead.

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I didnt realize they want their own NAS.
Redundancy IMO, considering all the available readily expandable products around already.

That is of no interest unless it is capable of cross device integration, ie merges into same NAS management console as used by QNAP, WD, Synology etc.
IMO that would be near impossible.

@TheNorthern_Light is thinking in the same gist I am, the functionality should be an API or application that allows for direct recording to a NAS specified directly or via sFTP connection

I dont know how the other NAS option are priced, but Synology only gives 2 cameras for free. Each additional license is about $50.

Some people on this forum have 10+ cameras so Synology’s NAS isn’t a realistic option.

To the Synology owners… are you using some other surveillance package?

I think they could still push through with their NAS/NVR product, since they already have the RTSP firmware under development for it and also they could make the Sense Bridge to be plug on their NAS/NVR which I think could be a viable solution to some issues I’ve been reading here. To lower the cost, they could also make the HDD/SSD optional (user provided).

Drobo 5N

I’m a little confused. When I think NAS, a single or multi drive storage device comes to mind. An NVR in my mind is specifically a recording device for surveillance cams. When I think NAS access, I’m thinking - let us point to a folder on the nas to save our files rather than the sd card - then we can access them as we wish however we wish, basically a dumb device. If I’m thinking NVR, then I’m thinking a device with some specific software that can display live streams, maybe decipher movement to send alerts, detect faces, etc - a smart device. Maybe my NAS is so old it just does stg, host web access and sftp - it definitely does not have any NVR capability. I guess maybe what I really wish wyze had is a NVR.



Many NAS systems run Linux these days, making them very flexible in their capabilities. They may either come with proprietry NVR software or allow you to install any third party NVR software, enabling them to function as a dedicated NVR if the user wishes. You’re probably thinking about cheaper NAS hardware that pretty much only serves files and media.

Ya, guess so. Mine is pretty old. It does run some version of Linux but it’s hidden behind the ui and I’ve never really tried to break in to see behind the scenes. I’ve been happy with it as a file server and personal cloud device since it has been reliable, easy to admin and takes up a lot less space than my old tower PC I had setup as a samba server. Guess if I had a more current NAS, I’d be more up on the options.

I would prefer also if Wyze would develop a NVR, one that will host the Sense Bridge and web interface for monitoring and configuring the cameras and sensors, more of will function as a Hub also (two birds in one stone). I think it would not hit only 2 birds, since that would also satisfied quite a lot of #wishlist here on the forum.