Nest Hub and Differences in streaming

I’m having a different experience asking my Nest Hub to display the video feed from different cameras. I’ve got two V3s that are on the same firmware ( One of them does the whole ‘Playing Wyze-Cam’ and stutters a lot when it gets going, but the other just shows a blue loading circle for just a few seconds and pops right up with the video feed. It’s great!

Any idea why the inconsistent behavior? More importantly, how to force the one camera to the nice, fast streaming??

I also have 2 V2s ( that load up fast with the blue loading circle.

I’ve noticed the ones that load faster are barely lagging behind reality where the ones that display ‘Playing Wyze-Cam’ are consistently 20 or so seconds behind.

The behavior is identical across two different generations of Nest Hub.

Welcome to the forums! Since your running the beta firmware in the V3s, I’d suggest asking this and keeping these beta conversations in the beta forum. The general sections of the forum are for the production version of the products and firmwares.

Ill suggest that a mod move this thread over to see if any other beta users with this firmware and setup are experience these things. posting that section also gets exposure for the devs and engineers that are monitoring the beta section with the experience of the users. As always if you want to try a more stable proven platform, you can switch to the production firmware for the V3s and try that.

@Mods , Move to beta?


Welcome to the Forum @clif
I agree with @Omgitstony, and moved your post to the Beta category.


Beta firmware has issues. Best to manually revert back to a production version on any affected cameras, and report the issue with a log in the meantime:

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I have the exact same issue except with 3 V3 cameras all running

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