Need to Reinstall Devices, App Updated, Failed to Update Device List

I have the Beta app but I did look in the regular forum first. It seems to be an old issue. My devices were uninstalled in June. Now I can reinstall them but I can’t get past the “failed to update device list.” The app indicated it updated while the devices were disconnected, not sure when.

I would uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Logging back in should fix that issue. Usually when it can’t connect to the servers is when it fails to update the device list

The irony is that I would normally do that but in other conversations I read the posters said they uninstalled and reinstalled without success so I didn’t bother. Yes, of course, it worked. Thanks.

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Glad to help. Just because it’s more work and I’m kind of lazy I’m always hesitant to do it as well. But every now and then you’ll be told the same thing and it will work for you. Technology is stupid like that.

I’m glad you got it to work

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