Need some insight into the video doorbell pro

So I’ve been looking into getting a video doorbell lately , been using wyze devices and I have 3 devices and I’m exploring more options to add to my eco system… that being the video doorbell

But as always , I like to do some research before hand to make sure I’m getting a good product . That being said , i have read and viewed a lot of reviews about the VDP .

A few question I have are ; notifications speed ; i seem to have a 15-20 second delay and i notice others who use the VDP experience it too.

Audio , saw a few videos where the audio was very washed out and was cutting in and out. Wondering they fixed it

And would it be best to just screw in the doorbell , instead of using the stickers to hold it . For better hold and also to not easily get it stolen…

Doorbell material , I’ve seen a lot of post on reddit about users who’ve shared photos of their doorbell camera feed turning yellow and purple after sun was hitting it directly. It looks like cheap material…

I would like to get some insight into the product , before I get it but I really am thinking of getting it.

I will love to have it , just in case any visitors come to my house whenever I’m not their and I’m able to

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I just installed VDP a couple of days ago. Spent some time figuring out all the different aspects of the app and what not. So far, so good. For the price it is a great product.

To address your questions/concerns:

  1. My wife and I have not experienced any delays with the notifications. I have been testing this while approaching the front porch/door to test the VDP’s sensitivity. I am getting alerts within a couple of seconds of triggering the motion detection of the unit. My wife, at her office a few miles away from the house, is receiving alerts nearly the same time I am.

  2. We have not fully tested the audio function, but have played with it a bit. My wife used here cell phone to communicate with me through the VDP while I was standing outside our front door…it seemed to work well, but this is something I would like to test further.

  3. The instructions for battery powered installation indicate to use the stick-on mounting bracket, but there is no reason why you can’t use the included mounting bracket that has the screw holes in it. The VDB has a security screw on the bottom and comes with a small torx driver to tighten it so it cannot be casually pulled off the mounting bracket.

The brackets are made of plastic. If someone really wanted to steal one’s VDP it does not seem like it would be hard to just grab and snap it off the bracket whether the bracket is screwed in or stuck on to the house. I don’t know how much damage would be done to the VDP snapping it off the bracket or if it would be useable if stolen, but this issue is yet another reason to not spend gobs of money on a video doorbell, as all the products on the market seem equally vulnerable…the price point of the Wyze VDP makes this vulnerability a bit more acceptable.

  1. We have not had ours long enough to experience this kind of problem and ours is installed in a vestibule built into our front porch so it does not get blasted with direct sunlight all day, so if this is a problem due to sun/UV degredation, I don’t think this will a be a problem for us. That being said, it is plastic, and plastic is affected by the sun/UV light…I think if it happens to a Wyze VDP, then it probably is happening to other companies products too.

Our neighbor a few doors down have one of the Ring doorbell products. Ours Wyze VDP does not look too much different than theirs except theirs is black and ours is white. They spent a lot more for the product they purchased and have to charge its batteries every so often. We spent less than $100 for ours and had the option to run it off of installed rechargeable batteries or use the existing doorbell wiring. We chose to wire it in,

Installation was a snap and everything we needed was in the box except a Philips head screw driver. The install directions in the app are clear and concise.

I agree with all the reviews I have read about this, that the Wyze VDP provides a lot of functionality for the price compared to similar products on the market.

The only thing I wish it could do was use the existing chime we have installed in our house…not a big deal as the wireless chime that comes in the box works ok, and our existing chime still works with our doorbell at the back door.

Hope all that helps.



Thank you jeff

This would definitely be great, shame it doesn’t work with existing chimes ?!?!

Another thing after doing some research on video doorbells , was that Wyze DID NOT include a micro sd card .

Their claims are very strange as they claim the micro sd card slot would’ve been inside of the device but it could clearly be avoided if the chime inside of your house had a micro sd card in it so we could still view the playback if it gets stolen!

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