Need help solving a Trigger that wont interrupt a Scheduled Event


I’ve recently added a Wyze Plug to a string of lights in my home that come on and off with a Schedule. I then added a trigger that would turn on and off those lights via a door sensor. What I have an issue with is that once my Scheduled On starts, the door sensor trigger will shut off the lights. When that happens the lights will not come back on unless the sensor triggers it or I manually switch the light back on.

Is there anything in the App that allows you to use both? Meaning for example…During the day I like the lights to come on and off based on entry (the door). But at night the light remains on via the schedule. Would be nice to have the Schedule as a priority once the light turns on and the trigger (door) would not interrupt it until the schedule has completed.

Thanks for any input. Love all my Wyze products.