Need cameras in my shop/garage 140 feet from my house

I have a new Spectrum router (500mps) in my house, and an ethernet cable going out to my shop from the router. Is there an easy way yo generate wifi in the shop so that I can view those cameras from my house? I can run an undergound powerline from my house to the shop so that the power will be the same phase. What else do I need?

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You would need an Accesspoint in the Shop. The Ethernet cable you have run from the house to the shop should be sufficient to attach an access point and broadcast your Wi-Fi out there. Once you have power.

Basically, it is another router which will act as a relay for the signal and not a DHCP / True Router.

Thank you so much for your help. I thought this was the solution. I found a youtube video where a guy made an access point from an old router by changing some of the configurations on the router. Is that the sort of thing you are suggesting?

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Here is the URL about using an old router for an access point…

Exactly, that is what I do. The settings could be a bit different based on the selected router. However, the main part is to ensure you have DHCP off.

Wow, nice to hear this. Should I try to find a used router that is as fast as my internet (500mbps) or does it matter that much?

Does not matter much, you will ne locally connected so your speed will be fast enough locally. When it leaves your location out to the web, your main router will handle it

I found a Netgear Nighthawk AC 1750. Do you think that would that work?

I don’t have netgear. What I would do is research the Netgear AC 1750 router and see if you can set it up as an Accesspoint. I believe it will, but best to be sure

You should be able to find it in the manual online

I will do that. I very much appreciate your help on all of this.

I found a Netgear page that tells how to do it. I hope I can pull this off. I am verrry illiterate in these matters.