Need advice on how to mount a WCO to my car canopy

Hello everyone

So I picked up a WCO v2 the other day and actually quite like it . Very convenient.

Well I have a car canopy I set up in my driveway and my v3 covering where the canopy is set up can limit the AI and the coverage.

So I wanna set up some WCO looking inside the canopy space .

This is the canopy

PEAKTOP OUTDOOR 10 x 20 ft Upgraded Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy Portable Garage Tent Boat Shelter with Reinforced Triangular Beams and 4 Weight Bags,White

Here are some photos of where I would like to mount the camera . Can anyone give me any insight as to how and what I can do to mount it their ?

Any insight would be appreciated it thanks

Zip tie the base to the underside of the horizontal bar and hang the WCOV2 from the magnet facing into he carport?


Great idea on zip tying but the horizontal bar would be too low and anyone could see it.

I’m thinking on the upper bar somehow more hidden …?

You could do the same thing on the upper bar

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Prior to mounting you should read all this information:


The upper “peak” one…

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