Name Your Price Person Detection

Quote from the e mail…

We promised you it would be free, so we are letting you name your price - even if it is $0.

How does one do this? The page will not allow the entry of $0. No matter what I try I can’t proceed until I pledge the minimum amount.

Sounds like false advertising and certainly comes across as a genuinely deceptive business practice.

Anyone have a workaround for this?

I agree because when we purchased the device it functions were not identified as a person detection a motion detector is supposed to catch everything that moves as well as playback the events I’m not able to playback my events nor does it seem to be capturing motion

You should be able to add a custom amount for $0.

I got it to work. I think I had to click elsewhere on the screen, then enter the custom amount. It accepted my input then.


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I have received several emails, yesterday email said “Only 7 days left to keep person detection” so i went into my account only to find that you cant sign up for anything unless you live in USA or Canada. There was never any mention that I couldnt sign up. Ripped off. Now i have cameras that are not operating as advertised. Will this change for international customers?"
I’m in Australia.

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Have to tried using PayPal?

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Click elsewhere on the screen to change the focus (just in a blank area) and it will allow you to click the enter button to accept you amount.

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paypal worked ok. thanks


Got it to work somehow. Was a success at $0.00 which, in my opinion, is what it should cost. This wyze company is weird. Comes out with cameras that are not security cameras. Comes out with unrelated flavor of the month type products that have varied appeal. Now expecting payment for services previously included for the cost of the original product. Kind of an abstract business model. Think they’re using a dart board in their meetings to plan their next move.

got it to work, online. logon to account, on top go to services. Logon AGAIN (c’mon Wyze, really?). Then select the “get started” for person detection, then in the donation select custom. Then put ‘0’. Then you still have a couple hoops like “are you sure” etc. to get thru it. I am sorry Wyze, I had to do zero because I can’t agree that a car moving at 30-50mph counts as a person (per some other discussions). You can’t even see a person in the video even if zoomed in. Also, I still have constant issues with SD and filling/not overwriting and causing cam’s offline with no notice (I know, diff discussion but wanted to mention why it is zero). I wish you’d stop with the new shiny toys and make existing ones work as advertised. Squirrel…

I’m trying to help my sister do this. When she gets to the custom amount, she enters 0. She says the ‘Next’ button doesn’t work.
Did you experience this?
(She is in another city so I can’t go see)

When you enter zero I believe a dialog will appear confirming you do not want to donate a dollar, after dismissing the dialog you can enter zero

Click on a non-button area of the screen and the Next button should be activated.

Sorry to say but you’re all cheap. Yes it was free. Now they can’t support free. It’s still a cheap camera. You could leave Wyze and all their quirks for the much more expensive brands and then still have to pay for cloud storage. Wyze could also just raise the price a few bucks. Since most of us from around the world are buying through amazon we all know the price on Amazon fluctuates slightly. You’re all cheap.

Instead of cloud storage … just let us store on our micro SD card.

If you are referring to the Person Detection, the storage is not the issue, the issue is the processing and that is done in the cloud.

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How much did you agree to pay?

4 cameras - $7.00 US = $10 Canadian. Really wanted to keep person detection. Works 90% of the time.

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