My wyzecam v2 order still processing after a week? (edit : 2 weeks)

is this normal, as i think the last time i ordered i got a tracking number the next day, but this order is still processing. The order is just for a plain jane v2, so i dont think there are supply issues.

almost 2 weeks, no tracking number for the wyzecam v2 I am ordering . I need it to replace a failed unit - I currently have no cam covering my back yard .

now I realize why. Wyze are taking orders for paper masks. I wonder what’s next, wyze branded toilet paper?

i fail to understand why the public needs to buy paper masks , you might as well wear a bandana to cover up your coughing.

many tech firms have made the mistake of neglecting their core business distracted by pet projects,

what sets wyze apart from its cheaper rival Xiaomi is its app & support.