My solutions for "monitor mounts"

I’ve a 7" Samsung J3 and a 10" Amazon Fire for Wyze cam viewing, and I usually use one of several laptops. I like to monitor my cams fairly constantly, sort of my windows on the world.
So I’ve been looking for some mounts.
Right now I’m using a rather standard “gooseneck” flexible mount for my 7" J3

And for my 10" Amazon fire tablet I’m using

This is mounted to furniture at about 30" high next to my main chair and is rigid enough so I can do minor touchscreen activity (changing cam view, zoom etc). The gooseneck mount for my J3 is too flexible.

The Aduro holder looks very useful. Thanks for the tip!

Should work for any tablet:


Have you actually used either of them?

The top one. Worked well when I was running my shop. Ordering the bottom one.