My return hasn't processed after 10 days. Is that normal?

I returned my headphones 10 days ago. On Jan 26, 2021, I took them to the post office using the label that Wyze sent me. I feel like I should have gotten some kind of a response by now. I’m now on the phone waiting, but the music is really hard to deal with (I have sensory issues which is why I need ANC headphones and why they need to meet certain specifications).

My Wyze account says nothing about the return and I haven’t received any emails about it either.

Does anyone have experience with Wyze returns? Is this a normal time frame? Should I be concerned?

I appreciate any help that can be offered!



Hi @janet444 Eight business days since you shipped the package is not unheard of line these days. If you have the tracking number, check to see when/if it was delivered. I have returned product in the past but it does take time so wouldn’t be over concerned.

Good idea to call and check. You can also open a Support ticket via Zendesk Support Page
You may have to go through some suggestions until you get to the Contact Support" & “EMAIL” prompt.


Thanks, Dr. Know! Maybe I’m getting spoiled by Amazon (even though I would rather buy directly from the seller). :wink:

I’ll give it another week, but if I don’t hear back, then I’ll try opening a ticket. Thanks for the link for that!


Sounds good Janet. Yes, Amazon has their own distribution network and delivery system. With FedEx and USPS it takes forever. The pandemic :sneezing_face: and weather :cloud_with_snow: have increased delays.

When I’ve returned parts to Home Depot in person, it still took another 3 days to show up on my credit card. Here is hoping you see the credit before Presidents’ Day. :four_leaf_clover:

I’ve requested to return my unopened Wyze Doorbell as I am not about to disconnect my expensive chime system that is attached to 3 exterior entry doors. I got an immediate reply asking for further info, which I supplied on Feb. 10th. 7 days later and still no further reply. I am the owner of 7 cameras, scale, smart plugs, motion sensors, etc. But I find the customer service appalling. I get lots of e-mails asking me to subscribe to CamPlus. What I want is to return a doorbell I cannot use.