My PANCAM camera's not connecting to my internet

came home to find all ten of my pancam cameras not working. ive deleted the app from my phone and then re installed. ive unplugged all the cameras and waited a day ive restarted my router and they still will not connect to my interent. please help i really dont wanna have to go buy all new cameras


Firstly, just focus on one of the Pan Cams located closest to you Router.

1/ Power down the Pan Cam.
2/ Do a cold reboot of of your Router
3/ Connect a computer or mobile phone to your Router via 2.4Ghz WiFi to confirm that your Router restarted correctly
4/ Power up the Pan Cam.

The status LED on the front of the Pan Cam should start solid Red, then flash Red, then flash Red and Blue, then flash Blue, and finally solid Blue. Solid Blue LED indicates the Pan Cam has connected successfully to your Router via WiFi.

If that works, then the issue probably lay with the Router. You can follow the same steps with all your other Pan Cams to get them back on line.

If the status LED does not end up solid Blue, the Pan Cam has not successfully connected to the network. In that case I would recommend a factory reset of the Pan Cam, Remove the device using the Wyze App. And then follow the documented steps in the User Guide or elsewhere on these forums to add the Pan Cam as a new device again. If that works, you will then have to follow the same pocess for every one of your Pan Cams to get them working again.

ive done all the steps to my router as well as unplugging all my cameras for a week then rebooting the cameras and deleted and reinstalled the app. m cameras still keep saying can’t connect to my local network.

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I am having the same issue with my Pan Cam. I have reached out to Wyze multiple times and get no response :frowning: My camera is only a few months old hand have had very little
Use from it