My pan cam is bricked while flashing RTSP demo.bin

My pan cam is bricked while flashing RTSP demo.bin :confused: I unzipped the file, renamed it, followed every instruction by step. I have numerous experience of rooting android devices…flashing roms…kernels, so I know what I’m doing. It didn’t work. I reset the pan cam and tried to flash firmware, and nothing turned on. It keeps blinking blue/yellow and no solid blue. Do I need replacement?

Are you holding down the reset on the Cam Pan for a few seconds as you plug the USB cable in? The light should go solid blue after a couple of seconds and then you release the reset.

Umm, as was pointed out to me - it’s not a “reset button” it’s a “setup button” (I can’t read the darn label)

yes. i was holding it first before plugging in. after plugging in i let it go after checking solid blue. yeah it was flashing.

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