My limited edition v3 cam continuesly freezes

My limited edition v3 cam continuesly freezes. I had the cam for about 2 weeks. My laptop and phone have excellent connection, so I know it’s not that.

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Help us here. Freezes up, eh? What are you using to view the image? iPhone, Android, Echo Show? How long was it “ok” then it freezes up 15 seconds? 15 minutes? What have you tried?

Oft, when one of mine freezes, (and they do freeze after sitting on an image a while) (and it varies), on an iPad, I simply back out, even sometimes try another cam, then back out of it and come back to the first, and its okay again.

And sometimes I have that image sitting for 1+ hour just fine on an Echo. Then it freezes. No backing out there, just run a routine to tell Alexa to send to that Echo again.
And it works. I use scheduled and button executed routines to bring up a cam on my Echoes (3). Almost never use voice. About1 in 3 times a scheduled routine does not work. So for giggles, I press a button to try again. Funny, don’t know why, but it works. Same commands in the different routine. But it usually works.

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