My IR illuminator solution

I decided to remove my floodlight assembly, and install a dedicated AC plug in it’s place. I found what I needed at Lowe’s for the conversion. The illuminator is a 18w 18 bulb 850 nm illuminator I found on Amazon for about $45. It comes with a 12v DC transformer plug, (the cheaper ones usually don’t). I turned off the IR on my WYZE V2.


As you can see from my outdoor pancam, the illuminator really lights up my backyard.
Since the pancam uses 940 NM bulbs I was curious to see how sensitive it is to 850 NM light.


Very nice! That’s a really nice illuminator. I did the same thing a while back with my camera, but I used a smaller 12 volt IR illuminator from Amazon that was like $14. It does the job, but not as well as yours.

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Thanks for sharing, I was in the process of trying to figure out a way to clean up the video from my cams I have outdoor and was having issues with the IR lights reflecting off the soffit and walls and washing out the image.

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So the camera will still read IR when the IR is turned off? Turning it off on the camera just turns the IR lights off of the camera?

There are two different settings. Turning of Night vision IR lights will still allow the camera to go into night mode and see an external IR emitter, Turning off Night vision mode will keep the camera in color daytime mode

I may not have explained that correctly in the last reply… In my case, When I turn off the camera’s IR lights in the app, but leave night vision mode set to auto, the camera sees my external IR emitter light just fine. Also, my cheap Amazon IR emitter flood light lights up the area much more than the camera’s built in IR lights

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