My HVAC Fuse Burns When The Humidifier is Turned On

My HVAC unit was working ok before I changed the Thermostat to the WYZE. Connected all wires with the C-Adapter. The two wires from the Humidifier (Red and White) were originally connected to the R and G terminals on the circuit board. I hooked the wires from the humidifier to the corresponding terminals on the C-Wirer Adapter. The fuse cuts when ever the humidifier is turned on. Please what should I do?

The humidifier wires should stay on the furnace and not be moved to the c adapter. On the c adapter, the “G” wire is actually a C wire, so when the humidifier turns on with the way you have wired it, it shorts C to R and blows the fuse.

Also, if you had a second set of wires that go to the air conditioner terminals (Y and C), they should be moved back to the furnace board. The only wires that should be on the C adapter’s terminals are the wires that go to the thermostat,

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