My Home monitoring setup

The activation process is stopped when I enter my Canadian address. The following message is displayed in red: Please enter a valid location. How is it possible? Your application has a bug and/or has not been sufficiently tested. Attached is a screenshot of the issue raised. I have already submitted the issue since then no answer…


Welcome to the forum @richard.labonville.

Sorry to hear of your issue. I am not sure there is a lot the user community can assist you with in this situation, but, when you say you have “submitted the issue”, does this mean you have contacted Wyze support regarding not being able to complete the setup process because the system is not accepting your address?

If so, do you have a ticket number and when you submitted that ticket?


I am sorry you are running into some issues in getting the address to work. Can you tell me what app version you are using and is it iOS or Android?

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I’m using version 2.37.1(1) and iOS


Hey fellas

I just ran into the same problem with my Wyze home monitoring set up.

Help is needed.

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Welcome @dalebrendataylor. Sorry to hear this.

What app version are you on?

Hoping to gather some info that we can pass to the Wyze team.

2.37.1 (1)

Same issue here when adding a Canadian address. Can’t proceed further with the setup.
Very poor first impression, isn’t this supposed to be tested prior to the Canadian launch?

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Same issue here

I’m in Canada. Same issue. I called and it was like they’ve never heard about it. I had read about it before but thought since it’s being launched in Canada it would be resolved.

It appears as if this was addressed in the latest update, please update and see if this resolves your issue.

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Finally everything works fine with the latest release 2.37.2 (1)

No. I think it’s the update that crashed my home sense. There is nothing that I can do to get it to recover

Well, I am on 2.37.2 (1) and I still can’t enter my home address.
Therefore, I still can’t setup my monitoring.

Hub is also running the latest firmware.

For the records, the issue was actually within the Wyze app.

Before getting Home Monitoring, I tried (long ago) to add a “Home” to the app. Having a Canadian address, the operation could not complete but, it did save the information I entered.

Now that Home Monitoring is available here, the registration process was using this partially persisted information - which was obviously incomplete. Once I deleted the previous “House” definition, everything went fine.