My floodlight seems to be.. flooded

We just had our house painted, and they had to take down our floodlight to paint behind it. When it was down, I noticed the PIR sensor dome was full of water. What gives?
Has anyone else had this happen to them, and how would one go about fixing it? I’m pretty sure I’m outside of warranty so returning it, isn’t an option I don’t believe…

Thanks all.

I’ve seen reports of this.

Warranty is for 1 year

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My Floodlight was on all night and the camera was not working. I finally got around to working on it and the Sensor was half filled with water. My system is still under warranty so I how to get it replaced. I drilled a hole in the cover to release the water, and the camera is working again, but the flood is always on at night.

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Contact support and they can get you a replacement