My cordless vacuum just arrived!

The battery came charged to 25%, so here are my thoughts during that first 10 minutes of use.

My house is mostly hardwood floors, so I’m sure this new vacuum will work spectacularly on those. That said, I do have a few very low pile area rugs, and on the medium setting, the head kept bouncing as I pushed it around. I tried the turbo setting, and unfortunately, the head practically glued to the carpet and was almost immovable. I’ve been looking for some usage videos (yes, I realize it’s just a vacuum), but so far all I’ve found was the video of the girl talking about how cool it sounds.

Once I’m up to full power, I’ll give it a whirl on my bare floors and in my car. If nothing else, it sure is pretty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Update #1 - Ok, I learned something while just pushing the floor brush around my area rug…no power. The reason why the head is jumping is because the pile (about 1/2’ tall) is normally laying flat, when I either push or pull the floor brush parallel to the direction that the carpet pile lays, the head jumps. If I vacuum perpendicular to the direction that the carpet lays, no jumping. A little annoying, but workable. I still have a few hours left before I can test this theory with turbo mode turned on.