My cat did not like being spied on

My cat did not like being spied on…


Is your handle about you, or this obviously antisocial cat?

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Dogs are pathologically desperately codependent and don’t think they can survive without you and your constant attention and validation. Dogs feel like they NEED you. A lot of people prefer that in a pet.

Most cats are very particular about consent…they want to decide when to be touched, when to lay on you, when to be picked up, and everything else. You don’t even own a cat, they adopt you or they leave and adopt someone else (or nobody else) if they don’t like you. They don’t like to be controlled. Some people don’t like or prefer that in a pet. Cats see you as an equal (or an inferior?), and know they don’t need you to survive…so when they choose to adopt you and stay with you, in some ways it’s more genuine love (as opposed to pathological desperate codependency and validation needs) because they believe they don’t actually need you, but still choose to be with you anyway. :slight_smile:

Your cat here is telling you that you should’ve known better than to film their private playground without getting their consent first! :rofl:


Send the cat to my house. I have a nice black cat with white stripes on his back who really likes other cats. :skunk:.


That’s pretty funny :slight_smile: