My cameras had no events all night ! That is impossible my dogs went crazy barking at 2 am and my cameras picked up nothing

My cameras are all blurred , when I try to zoom in I can’t see anything . They were fine when I got them . Until I did the firmware twice . I would like to do the flashback but I have no idea how to do it . I am completely illiterate when it comes to this so go easy on me ! :slight_smile:

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No worries. Plenty of folks to help here.

None of my cams tagged any AI events last night either, which I found odd. But, I checked the Events for motion uploads and all of them were uploading motion all night. So it looks like there was just nothing to tag.

Make sure that your cam recording resolution is set to HD and not SD or 360p. This is a setting in the upper left of the Live Stream for the cam:

  1. Download the Firmware “Zip” archive file for the specific cam and version number you want to manually flash from the Wyze Web Site here. Download links are blue:
  1. Open the “Zip” archive and extract, drag, or copy\paste the “.bin” file to the root directory of a blank 32GB SD Card. Some of the older cams require a rename, check the Wyze official instructions on which ones.

  2. Remove any SD Card and Factory Reset your cam:

  1. Unplug the cam, insert the 32GB SD Card, press and hold the Setup button, plug in the cam while still holding the Setup button.

  2. Release the setup button when both the Red and Blue status lights come on together appearing purple.

Here are the Wyze official instructions:

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My cameras are on HD . They are so bad I’m thinking of finding a new camera company ! I have reached out to support and have a ticket # but we just go through the route of restart the camera , hold the setup button . , delete the camera . … at night they the quality is so bad the picture moves so much I can’t see a thing . I have wildlife in my yard and I wouldn’t know if a large bear crossed my front yard !!! I’m very unhappy. The notification that somebody is detected notifies me after they are already through my door . When I first got the cameras they were perfect ! I even captured a raccoon running up my field . Now like I said I wouldn’t be able to spot a large bear !!!

Are you streaming at night in color or black & white IR Night Vision?

I couldn’t get the bulb to work with the cameras on WiFi for some reason so I had to stay with black and white . But the movement is just awful ! You would never never know if a human being was out there , it’s very difficult to monitor my pups . I like to keep an eye we have a large pack of coyotes so I keep a watchful eye but this has become hard . I am going to try the flashback as soon as I have a third hand ! Lol hey once you do that do you have to leave the ss card in that camera or can you use it to flash them all ? Oh and thank you

What Bulb?

Do you have the IR Lights enabled? Post a screenshot of your Advanced Settings.

Also post a pic of the live stream you are describing at night. It may be that your FOV is too deep for the IR lights and you need an external IR Floodlight.

You do not need to leave it in the cam after the firmware is flashed. I don’t recommend using it again in another cam without erasing the card and recopying the .bin. Some cams write files to the card and I’m not sure if those would cause an issue in the new cam.

Hi , sorry for the late reply . I will upload a pic tonight . I wish I had seen this sooner last night they were horrible . My advance settings will be there too .