My cam pan's picture pr0blems

I’ve had the pan cam about a week now and i love it. But what started out as a clear picture is now a ‘fuzzy’ picture around the edges. I wiped the lens since i moved its location and i might have smudged it but to no avail.

I have one pan cam and 3 V2 cams but only the pan cam is fuzzy. I’ve looked at all the answers but found nothing that applies to my case.

I’ve included a picture and it shows (left side of the pic) a fuzzy cat. I can say that my cat is NOT that fuzzy in real life…

Anyone know anything about that? A 'fuzy edges" problem…?

(All cameras have the latest Firmware and this cam pan’s Wi Fi signal strength is 91%)

That photo is definitely more fuzzy on the left side. It could be compression artifacts. Have you tried HD, SD and 360p modes for comparison?

It could be a lens issue. The simplest could be a smudge on the lens. Or it could be a hardware issue. For the latter, you would need to submit a support request with Wyze.

Well i tried doing the switch between all modes and it did nothing. First thing i did was clen the lens and that gave nothing. So i’ll try something else today; i’ll celete it and re-install it.

But what bugs me is that the image was quite claer until i moved that cam from one room to another. And then it started looking wonky…

Could it just be depth of field and the point of focus is too close to the camera? Rotate the camera so the left edge is focused on the cat tower and see if it is still blurry. Or find a place where the full image is equidistant from the lens.

I thought just about the same thing and i’m a photographer so i applied all photographic rules i know of to the cam but to ne avail…