My 4 pack Color Bulb Order was Canceled

So… I placed my order 2 days ago for the “Award Winning” 4 Pack Color Bulbs.

My card was charged (so obviously approved).

This am, I received an email subject line stating “Update to your Order”.

" Your order #00947XXXX has been updated with a status of Canceled .

The payment or billing information was not able to be verified and completed so the order was automatically canceled. (A refund was posted to my card)

Used this same C Card to successfully preorder these same bulbs in December?

No problem, placed the order with Amazon using the SAME Credit Card…
Apparently Amazon had no problem with the DISCOVER Card.

Interesting enough the same thing happened with my attempt to preorder the V3 cameras.
Order was canceled…

I took this an omen… and didn’t reorder the cameras.


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This is actually what happened with my doctor. My order was canceled and the money was refunded to my card and I don’t know why

I just use Amazon Pay, and let them charge my credit card. Years ago there was some other issue with the Store, and that got me around it. Been ordering that way ever since. :slight_smile: