Must use ethernet cable with WCO Base Station

Just installed WCO and base station. No issues UNTIL I disconnect the ethernet cable from the router (Verizon G3100), whereupon it (the base station) promptly drops the Wifi connection to the router, i.e., the flashing blue light returns. The router supposedly is “tri-band” but broadcasts only one signal name. My other devices, including WCPs and WYZE Plugs, as
well as smart phones, tablets, and wireless computers apparently “pick” the correct band but the base station is apparently not quite smart enough. What to do?

Correct… base station requires a connection to Ethernet port at all times. WiFi from base station to WCO. Base station runs on a fixed Channel 11 to the camera.


The base station never has a wifi connected to the router. The base station is connected to the network through the the ethernet cable, and when it is removed, the base station looses connectivity like you experienced. Once powered the base station itself creates a wifi SSID for only the WCOs to connect to. And when it’s physically connected (and remains connected) to your network via an Ethernet cable, provides internet connectivity for your WCOs. , Your plugs and other devices still connect as before to your regular router.


Would have been very helpful for the Set-up/Instructions to have mentioned this requirement/restriction. The separation between the router and where I’ll have to place the base station in order to reach the camera where I need to place it is complicating this installation. It may wind up being impractical. Not to mention I’ll have to invest in a bridge/switch as there are no available ethernet ports on the router. (I temporarily disconnected one of my other ethernet devices in order to do the setup.)

Here is s possible workaround. Use an extender to your Wifi, then plug your bridge into the extender. Don’t need to use a router port and the ability to locate the cam increases dramatically. Many are available. Here is an example ( not recommending this particular one, just an example) . Be sure if you try this route that whatever you select does have an ethernet port. Some don’t.


Hmmmm, I’ll try that, but I think the ethernet ports on those gadgets are for setting them up only and may not function as a network signal source. Do you know differently?

The Ethernet port on the one @tomp linked and the one I am showing you both function as an Ethernet/Wifi bridge. Allowing you to add Ethernet only devices to Wifi networks.


Another option is an AC Powerline extender. These extend your Ethernet port using the AC wires in your home but would require an unused Ethernet port on your router.