Must delete ALL devices for new wifi password

I had to delete and reinstall ALL of my cameras because my wifi password was changed. This was time consuming and irritating… especially the part where I was forced to accept “free trials” of cam plus during reinstallation. That was almost as irritating as Wyze turning on my cameras inside my home without my permission.

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Yes. The simple solution is to not change your key, but instead keep using it even after changing to a new router. You save a lot of trouble by simply configuring the SSID once on the new router (and nowhere else).

If you had to change the key for security reasons (and not for new equipment / ISP) then there’s no good approach.

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No need to delete first, just go through the “add a device” process with the cameras and it should retain your settings, it’ll save a little bit of set up time.


What is your evidence of this?

My ears and my eyes.

This very conversation is how we met… :notes: Those were the daaaaayssss :notes:

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People can misinterpret what they see & hear. A camera rebooting because of a bug. A light lighting because of movement. Take this thread for instance:

The camera in question was not rebooting. I watched the camera turn back on as soon as I turned it off. This happened at least 10 times in 3 minutes. I turned it off and it would turn on…the camera was named bedroom…someone was accessing my camera. WYZE needs to take this seriously!