Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

While I agree that Wyze should resolve this themselves…

In the meantime, if you have Android, there is a workaround to save your sanity. You can use apps that work as notification interceptors like Macrodroid, Tasker, Buzzkill, and many others (I only listed those 3 because they are the ones I use). You can set them up to watch for any notification that comes from Wyze with that camera name in the title and tell it to automatically dismiss that notification before it shows up on your phone. Or you can tell it to notify about those ones in bulk at a specific time of day, maybe once a day or whatever to show you all of those ones all at the same time instead of every 5 minutes, just in case you still want to be able to see if there was anything important.

That is what I do. Then I don’t have to turn off my notifications to miss things like if someone comes to my front door.

Sadly, iOS doesn’t allow any of that, so iOS users are still out of luck.

And again, I agree Wyze should resolve this on their own. But I thought some people might appreciate ideas on what action they can take now to reduce their frustration.


I haven’t (yet) tried any of those, but I appreciate those suggestions. I like when other users here figure out ways around Wyze’s apparent design/implementation shortcomings.

I’m not an iOS user, but this is exactly why the real solution must come from Wyze.

I haven’t tried or read deeply into the topic about the version 3 beta of the app, but this issue has been hanging out here long enough (I don’t know exactly when its status became “In Progress”) that not seeing it listed in the features of the new app version is genuinely disappointing. (And, yes, I realize that such a feature is going to involve work on the back end as well as the app, but Wyze has apparently been mucking about with things on the server side that have resulted in other feature breaks, so there’s clearly ongoing development on both fronts.)

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I’m just jumping in to +1 for Jaketyjake’s comment.

I’ll give an example of why I want live view only: I want my employees to be able to monitor all locations on the property at all times – including areas like where our safe is located. I do not, however, want them to be able to go look at yesterday’s events and have them be able to see another employee typing their pin number into the safe. It’s fair that they need to see this location when they’re working for safety – but they don’t need to see yesterday or last week’s events. Any issues that require historical research should come to me as the owner.

If we had live view only, I could log into a user that I know the credentials for at our main desk and leave the display up. I don’t want my employees viewing history or viewing remotely when they’re off work.

This would be a huge step forward for us with Wyze.

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YES! THIS :arrow_up:

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restricting access on shared wyze cams

Currently, when you share Wyze cams with someone, they can have access to many things that should be restricted, or optional to share, when you share the cam. e.g., the siren. there should be an option when you share the camera to give the sharee restricted access, “give shared user access to siren? give shared user access to moving the pan cam?”

Conversely, shared users currently don’t have access to many things they should, like the ability to choose to receive (or not) camera notifications and to playback microSD recordings. The device owner should have some degree of granular control over the permissions granted to shared users and Wyze should be giving serious deliberation to their sharing paradigm if—as their Multi-Camera Timeline View announcement indicates—they genuinely intend to supplant competitors in the security systems market.

Wow. I wish my cams were that clear and focused. I cannot even read a license plate on my car parked in the driveway with a V4 cam.

I recently switched to Wyze from Ring but now I am thinking this is a huge mistake considering the lack of this very basic feature set. All I want to do is provide read only access to family members - which includes the camera history - and I can’t do that. This thread has been going since 2017 and you’ve implemented a lot of things nobody has asked for instead of this super basic feature you have over 1000 replies on. What’s going on with this feature? Is there a beta? If so - how do I get in? If not, is it on the roadmap. I am needing to make short term decisions about what to do for home monitoring. Wyze doesn’t seem to be solution I am looking for right now. I wish I checked into this 2-3 cameras ago. This is a super basic feature. I didn’t expect it to be missing.

I could implement this for you. Just contract me to do it. This is simple.

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Agree with 816181cf7c63cc6b03c9. Many users could implement this for you in a day. The fact your company hasn’t been able to do it in 6 years is a pretty bad sign. Will not be buying anymore of your products.