Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

The only issue my husband and I run into using this method is when i want to be getting notifications and he doesn’t. Because if you are both logged in and one turns them on they are on for all persons logged in. So this is something you have to change on the device sittings themselves, or just live with them being on/off when you aren’t really needing that.

My wife ( Shared Contact to my account) always had access to playback until just recently - Your online tech said this option was recently deleted in the new updates . This is not acceptable and needs to be returned ASAP . Because the account uses my email address, she as an equal partner in the account, should have access to this most basic option.

Good luck getting a response—clearly, they don’t give a [Mod Edit].

I am now buying from a competitor.

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Please add shared user ability to view SD card recordings. I’m confused by this issue being so old and still unresolved.

WalMart is promoting Wyze camera products under the ROKU brand. ROKU TV streaming service is, compared to my experience with Wyze, fairly “user friendly” across several devices and users.

Is Wyze going to let ROKU in on all the users with good ideas for improving the service (since the hardware is decent already) such as controlling permissions for various users" differeent needs?

Keep your eyes open for the "Gotcha”.