Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

SD card read only access to shared users

I posted this in the wish list before and see other people that posted it also. I just did a live chat with a rep who said they’d pass it on to the internal team.

Once upon a time, shared users could access the SD card. I was told that went away for security reasons. This is back before V3 was even launched. But if a shared user can see the live feed and can see all the cloud footage there should be no reason why they can’t access the SD card footage. Especially in a read-only mode.

I’m part of a large neighborhood watch group where multiple people monitor the cameras. It’s been very frustrating trying to get this feature reinstated. It doesn’t seem that hard or that time consuming to enable an existing part of the interface that shared users currently can’t see, so they can see it once again.
Please fix this ASAP.

You might want to clean up the roadmap section too as there seems to be a bunch of stuff over 3 years old in there. But nothing that I found regarding the SD card access for shared users.

Thank you and if it needs votes can everybody please vote for this?

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This is highly disappointing.

This is a 4-year-old idea. It’s functionality that once existed where a shared user had access to the SD card and wyze removed it. I can’t think of any reason why you would give somebody live access to a camera access to the cloud recordings and not want them to have access to the SD card footage.

Over a thousand people voted for this feature. I myself am part of a neighborhood watch group with 10 cameras already deployed and another 20 showing up this week. The interface already exists It can’t be that hard to turn the SD card viewing feature on for shared users.

Somebody at Wyze please take note of this. I don’t have much faith in this community driven process because I, and others have been asking for this for over 4 years. This isn’t a feature request like we were asking the cameras to fly or burrow underground. Please fix this, thank you.

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I am a member of the neighbourhood watch leadership team for my community, Our president is primary user to the majority of Wyze cams used by NW; I am primary to the remainder. It is our understanding that the primary user of any given camera was once given the option to grant full access to shared users; why it no longer exists is, frankly, a mystery.

Full access to playback would greatly assist all members of our leadership team in our efforts to reduce crime and other detriments to our community. That is, after all, what the cameras we’ve purchased are all about, right? Our security?

Let’s do this. Like, now.

The lack of response to such a clearly popular request is disgusting. So much for Wyze wanting to be better and offer better products and services for reasonable prices. Why has there been no response or movement on this, it’s been a requested feature for years. Many of the people asking for this have spent hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars with Wyze, plus recurring subscriptions. Wyze needs to respond to this if there is a technical limitation or why this has not moved forward.


Ability to mute individual shared camera notifications

Have a couple applications that I just want to monitor 1 or 2 cameras but don’t want notifications for the cameras that are shared with me but still want notifications for all the other cameras.

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This is still something we are researching, we do know many users are asking for it. We do see the posts and know how badly it is wanted.


Um, over a thousand votes and a topic around 4 years old that’s still getting replies. Hmmmm… :thinking:

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I wonder how many products Wyze has NOT SOLD, to us users because of them ignoring this request?

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Jason we appreciate your attention.

If indeed this option existed before, as many users (including our NW president) have confirmed, I would submit that any “research” should be brief, and that the return of this option should be front-burnered and implemented with all possible haste.

I reiterate that this is not a “feature”; this is vital to our security and could potentially save lives.

Let’s do this!

Thanks, Ron

Hey Jason, do you realize now that you are a company guy how ridiculous your answer is?? have you forgotten you started out as a customer?

I don’t believe for a minute that it’s still being researched and I don’t believe for a second but wise really cares, you can say what you want or possibly what they tell you to say, but the facts are quite evident

I don’t believe that even my friend “Carver of choice“ would agree with you

I have only been employed at Wyze a few months, but I was a mod on the forum for a few years prior. I wouldn’t say this truly existed, but it did work better in the past. I am not sure why the change happened as that was before I was employed.

Not at all, this is something I also want, I think it did work better in the past before it was changed. I also think they shouldn’t aim for a complete change, maybe do it in small chunks.

What did ever happen to “role-based sharing” as the project was named?

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I will agree that this feature is taking a lot longer than I would like.
It has become particularly important since we now have devices that require us to have separate accounts from others in our household (scale, watch, band, etc require me to have separate accounts from my wife/daughter(s)).
Then when we add the new 2 Factor Authentication protocols into the mix, having separate accounts and different permissions is becoming a lot more critical for most users. It is less convenient for my wife to switch to my account to view the SD card footage now, and I don’t want my daughter having that access in the first place, so different permissions are certainly very important for me.

I recently asked the Wyze VP of Product about doing an app overhaul (let alone all the other things we are waiting on) and he responded to me:

You are completely right–this is overdue. We’re currently hiring a ton of folks and you’ll see that app designers/engineers are on this list. We’ll do the redesign when we get enough headcount to take on such a massive project.

The VP of Product also confirmed that Wyze does review the Wishlist and Roadmap weekly, so these kinds of discussions and people voting on them are important, and I do know that Jason passes on feedback to the specific teams all the time and following up with people here and on Discord. That is one thing I can definitely vouch for.

So the VP indicated they are hiring new software engineers and I verified that too. I’ve seen new job posts opening and that has been a big plus, so I do believe Wyze is actually making verifiable good efforts now toward improving the app.

And yes, I have been following along with what they are hiring for throughout the year. I also asked some of the other Wyze teams about these things. From everything I have heard and seen, it seems to me that a lot of their projects got deprioritized in 2020 and 2021, especially due to resources and staffing shortages, but they are now trying to pick back up where they left off and are really actively hiring a bunch of people to implement a bunch of things we have been asking for/need. I have been happy to see that Wyze has recently been trying to hire more and more mobile software engineers as of late:

I also actively follow up on the roadmap.

I will keep bringing these things up in the AMA’s and following up on stuff. I do believe they really are working on stuff again, and I don’t take that on blind faith or hope, but on demonstrable evidence from their hiring positions (I even tried to convince my brothers to go apply to some of those positions). Hopefully their new hires will be able to help Wyze get back to accomplishing more of this stuff that has been on the Roadmap for a while. I think this one is particularly important now with everything needing separate accounts from 2FA and individual-taylored products.

One thing we all agree on (including Wyze’s own VP) is that some of these app updates are long overdue. I am glad they have at least taken verifiable steps over the summer to start hiring a bunch more mobile app developers to help with all this. I’m sure some of it will be a huge long term project (like redoing the whole app from scratch), but hopefully they will make some of these things a priority sooner than that in the meantime.


I haven’t seen this one but I’m guessing others have encountered this issue. Our super controls the cameras but I need to have an administrative option connected to me to pay for the cameras. This way I can pay for premium subscriptions without using our super’s email address and his controlling the payment portion. The current setup probably works for many home setups but if you’re looking at buildings or offices you may want to have two parts to each account - the admin and payments areas as an option.

We’ve got a neighborhood watch group to covers 2 miles from corner to corner of a couple of neighborhoods. We’ve been dropping cameras and key locations mostly aimed at intersections. With multiple people having access to the cameras having shared access to the SD card make sense. these shared users already have access to live feeds and cloud storage footage. I’m good if it’s only read only access but at this point I don’t care what kind of access to granted because they need access to access sd card footage. Hopefully we see this in an update soon especially if they’ve been hiring people during the summer, And the fact that once upon a Time shared access meant you could access the SD card, plus part of the interface already is segregated between owner and shared users so the interface exists in the SD card just needs to be toggled on for shared users.

This features the highest thing on my list right now. We’ve got over 10 neighborhood watch cameras deployed and 20 more should be showing up tomorrow. They’re all on cam plus licenses.

Thanks and please keep chasing this down.

Respectfully, these are not interface or mobile development items, They are back end issues, stuff that will run in the cloud/data center. Identity, AuthN/AuthZ, RBAC, etc. Until the backend is designed, no work on the front end can start so the iOS and Android experience is of little value. You will require database, cloud and security experience. Of the job listings you shared, only one is potentially relevant to the required skill sets for this project. Spend the money and contract it out. You have a partnership with Amazon, take advantage of that relationship, I hear they have the skill sets you are going to need.

Time is of the essence and if it takes you another two years to deliver this feature set, you will have lost your customer base. I will buy no additional cameras or other devices until this is delivered.

From the Beginning of WYZE Time with my Wyze Version one Cameras, I have asked for the Audio to be cut to All Shared users. This has never been addressed. We will research it is all the company states. It was not addressed with Version 2 or Version 3 or with the Outdoor Cams. If it is Being Addressed When Are you going to do It? Stop the Lying. It is getting old and just cut this stream of misinformation.

We just used one email and password and logined in on both phones. We both have full access no camera sharing.

notifications are the most important thing we need to be able to change. because even if you use the same login on 2 different phones, the notifications are updated on both devices when one person makes a change!! the solution is to allow shared accounts to be able to make their own notifications. This is unbelievable that you cannot have different notifications for the shared accounts, this seems like common sense. Why would they design this so that everyone has to have the same notifications. Its either all off or all on, crazy!


0ctober 2018 was 4 years ago Loki (first - Wow was it low on the priority list. What is the hold up and can you give us a date like Q4 2022? I really don’t know why anyone would buy or continue to buy Wyze products once they are aware of this limitation and the fact that 90% of the competitors have had this feature for over 5 years like Arlo.