Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Share IP cam address alone

Enable option to share the IP address of camera right sharing all cameras or sharing ANY administrative access.

There are numerous reasons for this option.

The process can create links that have expirations or that can be renewed so that previous links expire when refreshed or even any time limit set by user was reached.

Sharing via the app with usernames is not near the same as this request and is inadequate for a multitude of reasons.

Thank you

You’re definitely going to have to expand on this. IP based access comes with all sorts of caveats and possible exploits. Are you talking about IP based access inside of a LAN on the same subnet or something else?

This is my request as well - limiting shared user options. If they can view only, but can not alter/edit/delete.

One of my shared users is deleting footage as well. I’m going to have to delete the user if they keep doing this but I would rather not have to.


Before they changed everything you used to be able to access whatever the owner could access, if they shared the device with you. I used to live with six roommates, getting my home changed into rental property. I wasn’t aware due to The tenants that asked if they could have access to the cameras moved out, and none of the new ones wanted access to the cameras for about a year now. Up until just this last month my maintenance guy at my rental property was trying to find out who vandalized one of the tenants cars. Normally he doesn’t look at the playback unless there’s been an issue, and lucky enough we haven’t really had any. If we did it was something small that I was able to sign really quickly by going through the events for that day. For this situation I didn’t have the time ask him to. An hour messaging back-and-forth, as well as sending screenshots, found out he couldn’t access anything. so I was going set up, and share a cam for my mom who is disabled to see her front door. But if she can’t even view all of the events that have been recorded in the cloud, because if any part of the event has been tagged as a part of the Cam-plus AI subscription she can’t see it. Come to find out on top of the other stuff, if anything says pet, package, Vehicle, friendly faces, essentially anything but only motion or sound she can’t see it in the list of events. That includes if the event is tagged as “motion” & “vehicle” it will not show in her events. Yes it does say motion but since it has an AI tag as well in it it’s unavailable to her. I’m guessing it could show if she either bought herself a Camplus subscription or I paid for another one and shared it with her. Due to you cannot share a subscription that is assigned to a camera you can only share a license for a subscription that is not being used. Basically if you are enjoying the benefits of Cam plus then only you can enjoy them. Unless you’re willing to buy an additional subscription for the exact same camera for every single person you share it with. Unless I’m willing to give up my subscription and no longer pay my reoccurring subscription then the people I share the cam with can’t even see all the basic cloud back up events. That means that the “free cloud storage that other companies make you pay for” that comes with every camera. Will now no longer be available with anyone you share cam with if you own cam plus on camera. Kind of an oxymoron honestly pay for additional subscription for all the wonderful benefits but you won’t be able to share them with anyone and you won’t even be able to share the basic features with anyone either. which is really sad because that was like a big selling point for me. I bought into wyze camera before I even knew about Cam plus, Now that I either have to share my entire account with everyone that I need to share devices with, and share every single device no matter what property it’s at. Due to no easy way to just separate devices between accounts, plus i have to sign in and out all the time. I started out with just a V2 cam. Now I have 1-V2 cam, 1-pan/cam, 4-motion sensors, 4-contact sensors, 2-outlets, 4-lightbulbs at my rental property 40 miles from me. Plus in my home 2-V2 cam, 1-V3 cam, 2-outlets, 4-bulbs, 2-motion, 2-contact sensors, 1-wyze lock, lock-keypad. With plans that would’ve been purchasing another rental property and having a Wyze setup. But now just in the last week I’ve had to delete everything that was at my rental property, set it up on an account for the maintenance guy who handles pretty much everything up there for me. All cause he couldn’t access any of it. Now I don’t have the ability to just log into the app click on the group of cameras that are for my rental property and see all of them on the screen real quick. Then easily click back to select the group of cameras at personal home to see all of them on the screen real quick. Now I am going to probably have to add another account, my moms not tech savvy either so if there’s 20 devices on the page she is never gonna be able to figure out how to look up playback for 1 of them. I mean I get some people might not want everyone they share the cameras with to have access to the continuous recording on the SD card if that’s how they do it. But shouldn’t this has been a big discussion or something before they just took everything away. I know that wyze keeps their cost Low by not taking a giant profit on the initial purchase of the device, But by being able to have a reoccurring fee that is so minimal compared to any other company, and that offers so much. Then this happens now I’m willing to stick around to see what the results are. But I can’t imagine how many people have already said no and jump ship because of this. I unfortunately might have to if something doesn’t change. If it means I don’t have to switch between three different accounts, signing in&out in&out in&out, Plus increasing time to check cameras across all properties is now 10 to 20 minutes, just doing a daily check. Which normally would take normally 3-4 minutes just depending on how long I wanted to look at the camera and see what’s going on there. So Of that in the long run could be more beneficial than the initial money I’m saving by purchasing a Wyze device and having a very minimal fee to get the extra features that I would like Plus it it means I don’t have to have three separate accounts for all my devices just so that the people in my household and people I share my devices with can use all of the features including the basic ones that come with the camera with no additional fees that they now can’t use and don’t even get me started on the possibility that I could miss a notification for a break in at my home or a scream from my mother because she’s falling out of her wheelchair because I was signed into the rental properties account therefore I would not receive push notifications for my own home and if I’m signed into my own homes account I won’t receive push notifications for the rental property and if I’m signed into the account for my mother which just has the door lock and the front door camera and the backyard camera then I might miss a notification of her caretaker stealing something out of my bedroom like 1 tried last year till I starting singing bad boys through speaker on camera

I need to allow my vacation rental property manager(s) to be able to create temporary guest codes for our renters in our Wyze Locks.

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I need Wyze Home Monitoring for my vacation rentals to be managed by my property manager(s) instead of me. Notify them when there’s a critical alert, which means they need their own safe word. Allow them to change arm codes. The app should also support multiple arm codes.

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Wyze App with Lock Bolt and shared account

I installed Lock Bolt and app and everything works as I expected until… I shared access to the lock bolt with my wife. She added and account and connected but it seems that only one person can connect to the lock bolt with Bluetooth at a time. And for her the app does not have the same functionality. She can’t see the History in the app. She can’t generate one time use codes in the app either. both of those features would make sense to be available for a trusted and shared user of the app and lock bolt. For reference, I have owned an Arlo camera system since 2016 and shared access and app with her back then and she could do anything that I could do with the app then and now. We both have iPhone with latest iOS as of 05.12.22. Please allow for more access on the same level of features for members of the same household or some level that your developers might want to offer to accommodate equal access to all features by owner and shared person or persons. Thanks!

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Ability to disable sound access for shared cameras.

It would be nice to have an option to disable sound access for cameras that one shares for privacy reasons. A camera’s video is limited to it’s field of view. However sound from different areas out of frame can easily be picked up by the camera and may raise privacy concerns. For instance, I may have a camera facing an entry point for an office space to monitor access. This camera is shared with the security team at the building. However, this camera may pick up sensitive business related conversations out of frame that are not meant to be shared.

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Wyze Bolt - Share One-Time Code option

I love most of the Wyze Products… I upgraded/downgraded from the Wyze Lock to the Wyze Bolt lock for mostly finger print and not having to use separate keypad.

One of the biggest issues we have right now is after sharing the Wyze Bolt Lock with my wife she is unable to share a one time code from her phone… This is a requirements for her to allow certain people in the home when we are not available… She was able to do this remotely with the Wyze Lock.

Wyze support told me this is a security issue which I disagree with. This is no different then the Wyze Lock which gives the sharing person the option to unlock the door remotely.

Wyze should give this feature to the customer even if the customer has to agree to terms or whatever but don’t take features away from someone they trust.

Ability for individual users to enable/disable notifications, when shared

As of now the notofication control is per camera. If one user disables, its disabled for all

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Ability for shared users to playback from memory card

Shared users can only see live feed as of now

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Multiple Shared devices - ability to turn off notifications from a single device

I have one single device on my account. Which I want to get notifications from. And I also have two shared devices which I do NOT want notifications from. I am about to add four more shares devices, two of which I will want notifications from.

What I am wishing for is a push notification toggle for EACH DEVICE, wether it be a shared device or one on my account. This seems like a pretty easy feture to provide in the app.

The current setup of the app is to disable all of the cameras.

Allow shared user to create guest codes.

I have a Vrbo rental and we use the Wyze lock to allow guests access to the house. My wife and I both create guest codes for the guests, but to be able to do so she has to log out of her account and then log into mine to make it happen. I would suggest she stay logged into mine except that the Wyze scale then records our weights all into my account showing a wildly fluctuating weight for myself. It would be a lot more convenient to allow a user admin controls that would allow them to also create these guest codes in their own accounts.

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Shared user needs ability to create Wyze Lock guest codes – property manager use case

Hi all,

Use case is vacation rental property management. My property manager is a shared user for all my devices: cameras, door locks, door sensors, etc. I also have Wyze monitoring at the rental.

I need my property manager to be able to create temporary guest codes for renters so that the code becomes valid at check-in and expires at (or a little after) check-out.

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Given the timeframe on this one best option might be to put the lock on your property manager’s account and grant your account shared access. Ideal? No, but if you can’t trust your property manager to ‘own’ the lock on Wyze then you have bigger issues.

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I appreciate the input. It’s not between my property manager and I. It is my wife and I using the same account. She is logged into my account to be able to change the access codes but then for her to use the scale and not have it recording her weight and mine onto the same account she has to log out of my account and into her account. It’s inconvenient to have to keep logging in and out of two accounts. Due to the busy nature of our lives we both equally set guest codes on the lock so it’s also not convenient to just make her the primary because then I’m in the same boat as her. We’ve worked it out to make it happen. Just wishing for an easier solution like having the ability to make a shared user an admin that can also create guest codes.

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The scale, the exercise wrist band, the ear buds…

I am much more impressed with individual products from Wyze than I am the design of the “system” for their customers.

Oh man. :frowning: Yeah, that makes things more difficult.

At that point, honestly, I’d just install Wyze on a tablet or old phone for lock usage. This has been on the list for a long time and is still listed as “researching” so even if they started implementation I wouldn’t expect this level of sharing to be covered in a first release.

I use an old phone with no phone service and a wifi connection to provide access to a secondary Wyze account.

If that works for you, that’s great. However, that just isn’t practical for many many others……

We’d like answers, and solutions Wyze Management as to why this application cannot be accomplished. But to date, they have not even responded to our questions, let alone come up with a solution. If your creators are such hot shot computer wizards, why haven’t they addressed this?

Just an FYI, this is a community member forum. Wyze Staff occasionally look at these forums.

You could reach out directly to wyze via the Support Page. There, you will also find a phone number for you to contact Wyze Support.

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