Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Just adding in here that this would be really nice. For years my wife and I have shared a login, but as we expand our Wyze holdings (we just got the Scale today) this is becoming impractical. So yes, it’s time. Just have an option next to each shared user - are they a co-owner or a delegate? Co-owner has full capabilities, delegate is just as it is now.

Multiple users for a location owned by family members that are not part of the household.

Context: I own a cottage with brother in law. We installed a wyze doorbell cam so that when either of us are not here with our respective families, we can be notified of any visitors.

We would like to be able to diasable the others access when we visit the cottage and vice-versa.

I saw other posts of geolocation that could be interesting. But I would like to continue receiving notifications when I am here.


I keep old phones for Wi-Fi connected uses. One drives the music at my pool. Another is used as a dedicated monitor for my Ring Doorbell Cameras and Wyze cameras. When we have a baby sitter, they get to use the dedicated phone. This protects my account and provides them access to the security cameras.

Currently, when we share a camera with another house member, they do not have the ability to control notifications using cam plus. Please add this ASAP. #cam-plus

You can schedule turning on and off camera and many other things. I would like to schedule Sharing of the cameras. Like I would like to share with a nanny during the day and disable that share at night when they are not working.

It seems many in the community would like to know when some additional features/enhancements to permissions will be made. I hope it is sooner vs later. Since this thread started a couple years ago and the items suggested don’t seem to be specifically mentioned as coming improvements it still only seems like a dream wish list.

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Is it in the works to share the home monitoring system with other users? Example wife, kids, parents so that they can deactivate and activate the system from the app as well since it is limited to the user who set it up. I share the cameras, sensors, thermostat etc with wife and she wishes to turn it off with the app rather than keypad. Thanks

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I also agree, sharing permissions for all items would help immensely. I don’t want to share passwords. I voted, but would love to get an ETA.

I would like to install a v3 cam in the lobby of a apartment building, share my v3 with about 100 units, so they can see who’s by the door, now shared users can trigger the siren and look back on events, or use the microphone. Which is no good. So is it possible to give the option for the camera admin, to have a control on the features for the shared users? Also I know shared users are unlimited, but how many ppl can be at live view at once?
Also add for the admin a log of shared users to see how often, and how long they are in the live view, so I can contact the person to let him know that it’s made to be logged in only for a short while, to see who is by the door for you.

This really needs a recent response from the WYZE team on an ETA on when at least some of these basic features are available.

Stop launching new products that span the gamut of industries and spend resources fleshing out the features of your original flagship, please!

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With roommates that have separate accounts, it would be nice to be able to share the home monitoring access. At least being able to arm and disarm, receive notifications, and check the current status.

Please Wyze team, listen to this wishlist. Sharing Home monitoring system with other family members is essential. Please put it on priority.

A feature to be added to share Home Monitoring. I live with my wife and I can share all of the door sensors but not the brains of the operation. The only way to allow my wife to have access to home monitoring is to log her in with my account on her phone. This is a big no no when it comes to security in a world with data breaches daily. The wife would like this so she can see the status of the system and to also disable and enable the system. To add to this other companies allow this type of sharing as long as the account has been granted permissions. I am not sure why you would allow cameras to be shared but not the security system. Please make this available!!

We have two homes and would like to monitor both homes with Wyze. I purchased two systems but have have installed the second one. I would like to have multiple homes on one app with one sign in


This sounds different? The original wish was for multiple IDs using shared users on cameras. Yours is maybe multiple homes on home monitoring (using the same ID)?

Yes, this is a different request but it has been made before:

We have multiple homes and want to monitor all of them with Wyze:

We currently have many smart devices in our homes:

  • myQ – smart garage openers Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • August Door Locks Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Nest Thermostats and Smoke Detectors Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Ring Doorbell Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Blink Cameras Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Mysa Floor Heat Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • EcoNet Rheem Water Heaters Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Sensorpush temperature sensors Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Kasa Switches and plugs Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Alexa Allows us to have one app, one sign in and control of multiple locations
  • Electronic Water Shutoff

I’ve made this request on your forum and did speak with a person in your tech support department about it. I understand that you are a start up company and COVID19 has been causing havoc so I’ve stopped asking and have my other homes monitored with a different security system. I like the Wyze Monitoring system, your camera systems and I have purchased and enjoy many other Wyze products and look forward to your continued success. As you see from my list of other smart devices if Wyze would allow for multiple locations I could use the Wyze Doorbells, Wyze Leak detectors, Wyze Climate sensors, Wyze Lock and Wyze Thermostats and it would be convenient if these devices or systems could be controlled within one app. Smart home control is convenient and I believe necessary with multiple locations but it is inconvenient to have the multiple apps for all the systems shown above. Multi home functionality built into the Wyze app would broaden its appeal.

My working career was in Sales, Marketing and Engineering in the Tech world and I am impressed with Wyze. My suggestion would be to focus a small portion of your Marketing budget on the 71 million baby boomers like myself that account for 46 million homeowners and $2.6 trillion in buying power. You are a young company but don’t forget to look at all demographic groups when marketing your products.

Thank you in advance to bringing this request forward.

Dennis Peterson

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This is not an easy solution as I have purchased the scale as well. Considering I am tracking my body weight, how is she supposed to when we now have to share the same account? This seems like a HUGE oversight on Wyzes part with Home Monitoring. Now I have lost 45 lbs within an hour because my wife used the scale. I fail to see how you can put a product out but only one person can access it via the app. It’s far easier to activate home monitoring when leaving from the app and it’s nice to log in and see what’s going on. Not so easy when 2 adults of the household now have to share the same account. I work in enterprise IT and I am in awe how this is recommended from a security perspective. It blows my mind! I opened this request up and then you merge it to this under sharing permissions for editing cameras. Not the same thing. Perhaps I should just return it all since there seems to be no rush to fix what should have been there from the day it was released. I hate comcast but heck they even allowed separate accounts to access the security system to arm and disarm.

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I agree with Ch46. And I point out the same issue exists between the camera systems and the Wyze Fitness Bands. The Wyze bands quite conveniently vibrate and display “notifications” received on a cell phone via Bluetooth. The Wyze cameras SEND to a cell phone notifications about motion, etc. But each band user needs a unique/distinct Wyze account, while the Camera users are essentially all copies of one single account.

It might even be that there are settings and techniques to have ALL notifications sent to one cell phone (set aside the issue of Wyze account and email ID for a moment) and some, other, or no notifications sent to another user. But I have, despite much reading here, found no such techniques.

Wyze makes nice hardware. As a provider of a system of “smart devices” Wyze persists on holding room for improvement.


Agree. We share almost everything, but not our daily weight. Please figure this out.

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Enable multiple users to manage the HMS from the app in multiple phones

My wife and I travel often for work. With the current version only one of us can have the monitoring system on our phone. If it is on my phone how does my wife control and manage the system from her app? (The keypad does not work when we don’t have the noonlight service which we don’t want to have it).