Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Additional Home Security Users

There desperately needs to be a way to add a second user/phone number to the home security monitoring. The ability to add only one phone number complicates things for my family because I am the account holder, so my name is on the account, and I manage all the home security set up/functions. I do not have access to a cell phone at work, though, so I’ve had to put my wife’s phone number in as the number to call in the event of an alarm. This has led to several problems, including one instance when an alarm was triggered and the monitoring company didn’t want to accept my wife as the one authorized to give the safe word because her name isn’t on the account.

In addition to the home security monitoring needing multiple authorized users, the Wyze app also needs to allow multiple users the same permission levels to access/control devices, notifications, etc. Because full control is only allowed with one account, my wife and I have to share that account across our phones, which wreaks havoc on rules successfully being executed, receiving notifications, etc.

Absolutely. Well said.

Currently Wyze has a security issue with the on/off control of the camera when shared with other users.

Currently When shared ANY user given permission to access the camera can turn the camera on or off at his own will.

This leads to a security issue in circumstances where the camera is used in shared places such as common areas of a home or apartment.

When the cameras are monitoring the security of the home, the only person who should be able to turn the cameras On of 0ff remotely is the owner.

If a roommate decides to vandalize, or cause bodily harm to another, assault or other criminal offenses. They should not be able to turn off the camera before hand! Such acts should always be recorded.

This is a major security issue especially when roommate agreements require any cameras in common areas to be shared with all members of the household.

Corrective measures needed -
An option needs to be given to the owner of the camera to allow or not allow camera control features such as the on/off switch with shared users.

I’m addition shared users should be able to access any recorded video and sound files. (Ie. Playback) WITHOUT the ability to delete any of those files.


In the mean time to give your wife access to all the settings without contacting you, have her login on her phone with your account. We do that and both my wife and I can change the settings at any time; no sharing of the account, both of you login under the main account that was initially created.

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Wishing if can add a limited viewing on sharing devices with family

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I don’t see this in roadmap or wishlist but we have asked in the forums so i’ll bring it up here.

I have a lot of wyze stuff in my app. My wife does not care about all that but does want to use her phone to turn the home monitoring on and off, check alerts and the like.

So far the only way to do that is to have her log in with my account which is cluttered and I don’t want her changing the rules. :slight_smile:

This is a request for a feature that would allow more then one person to control, set, monitor the HMS.

Thank you

My request is for notification settings to apply only to the owner user who set up the notifications in their own Wyze mobile app. (e.g. I am the owner; I set up the notifications, I receive them. Shared users should not be able to set up notifications nor should they receive notifications).

Bonus (a separate wishlist item, of course) is to be able to restrict notifications to a set time period (e.g. I only want to receive “Person” notifications from midnight to 6am.)

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My request got merged into this topic “Multiple Users’ Permissions for Shared Users” and I hope the details don’t get overlooked. My request is specifically about the ability for each shared user to be able to CHOOSE NOT TO RECEIVE notifications when the main owner has turned on notifications.


!00% agree.

I may want to see the camera for some reason but I DO NOT want to know about every motion event. Actually almost none of them.


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It would be awesome if I could have better control of the notification for the Wyze camera that is shared with me. Specifically, my father shares his cameras with me, but I also have my own Wyze camera system too. However, his cameras are going off and sending me notifications all the time and I have no way to stop his notification without turning off all my notifications too. So, it would be awesome if he could control his notification preferences for his systems and I could control how his system notifies me. Right now, as far as I can tell - it is an “all or nothing” and this doesn’t work well for me.


If I share my account with someone, I would like to have them have limited access. Meaning, I would not like them to receive all the notifications that I do, plus not be able to change settings on (each) camera.

There should be some “master account holder” who can choose which cameras and settings others are allowed to see.

Please make this available.

Thank you.


This definetly needs to be added at some point, but my contribution is that notification settings page for cameras and other devices should have 2 buttons at the bottom one: “Apply To All Accounts” and the other: “Apply To This Account”. For example I may want notifications for my doorbell but the rest of my family may not.

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@WyzeGwendolyn could you let us know about the possibility of improving sharing capabilities and notifications? Many of us don’t want to share accounts, but that is the only way we can use the system in the same household.

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These are two different requests. I have three different homes and I want to use Wyze as my Security system for each of my homes but I do not want to use three different accounts. My current Security System allows me to monitor all homes via one sign in and within one APP. I’ve not enabled Wyze security on my 2nd and 3rd home because of this limitation.

When I enter the Wyze app and touch the + sign I see that “Add Home” is an option that has been considered but the “Add Home” is greyed out so it’s not yet an available option.

I certainly am not the only person with multiple homes.

Please activate this option.

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Scheduled Sharing of Camera Access

I did a search and didn’t see anything like this already. I, like many other people, use the cameras as baby monitors and to monitor our playroom if we need to walk away for a few minutes. I’ve shared the access with our nanny, as well as family members who visit or help sometimes with childcare. I don’t like knowing that they could log in anytime regardless of whether they’re here.

It would be great to set schedules for guest access to specific devices using rules. I can’t think of a use case other than the cameras right now, but that is a significant one given how many people share camera access with those who don’t live in the home.

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Yup , That’s my point in spades

I absolutely agree that it would be wonderful for Wyze to allow the Administrator to have options for sharing their cameras. In addition to what meghanm08 described above, I personally would like to share my account with someone, but not have them have the ability to see every notification I see, or have the ability to turn on/off cameras or have full control of the cameras as I do.

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August lock has had this for years. Please, wyze, give us this. Make this switch an upgrade instead of a downgrade for us!


Adding on to this topic. User permissions for cameras need to be a thing. If I share a camera with someone in the house, they should only be able to view live footage or recordings and nothing else.

The ability to turn the camera on and off should not be possible for them. Additionally, a log (wyze lock has this already) to see what user does what with the camera would be nice as well.