Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I agree. Before my wife was logging in as me but since we got the Scale and the Band we have had to create her own account. I’m really disappointed Wyze hasn’t figured a way to give multiple users full admin rights. I’ve got over 20 wyze products. Please fix this wyze!


Why aren’t you both using the same account? Scsle and/or band?

Because it’s my “account” and thus my MFA/2FA. She cannot authenticate MFA/2FA as me and vice versa.


Here’s a workaround you may find useful.

As long as you stay logged into the app, you only have to 2FA once per device, and it looks like you are using an Android device, so maybe give “tinyCam Monitor FREE” a try.

Gather up your devices and install tinyCam Free and the Wyze app and 2FA all of them at once and you’re good to go.

tinyCam will not allow you to view or download the entire Playback stream from your SDcard if you have them installed, ~BUT~ it will allow you to easily view all of your cams ~AND~ all of your recorded clips saved by Wyze for each cam. :smiley:

So can use tinyCam Free for cam and clip viewing for both of you, and the Wyze app for managing and adjusting the cams and interacting with other Wyze items.

It’s quite simple to set up and there are plenty of YouTube how-to videos about tinyCam. Instructions are basically the same for Pro and Free, so videos on either will be informative, but you only need the Free version for what we’re talking about.

(Caveat - I am in no way associated with tinyCam, but it has transformed the the usefulness of my Wyze cams for the better. :smiley: Also, I do not own a Wyze band or scale, so I am not versed on the subtleties of working with them.)

Has there been an update in regards to admin and guests privileges?

No there hasn’t, other than what you read in this thread. When it moves out of the research phase, this topic will move from the #wishlist to the #roadmap.

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How to Read the Roadmap

Did u receive an update on this? Wondering if my husband and I should just add devices to our own accounts separate instead of sharing?

Unfortunately a camera can be added to only one account at a time currently. :frowning_face:

Setting different alerts for different people viewing the same camera is still a huge request though. If you have not done so yet, you can help encourage Wyze to develop this feature by voting for this request at the top of this topic page.

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Thank you! U saved me a huge argument with the hubby lol if I would of deleted his camera by adding it to my account, he would of not heen happy after setting everything up already!! Also I already voted before I replied to u the first time! Thanks for your help!

I wanted to get back with u about the separate settings per account. I was able to set my notifications separately from my husband! Thankfully!!If u make a “rule” or “short cut” or trigger ur devices all those notifications will be on ur own separate account, I even set up my husbands Different than mine, he seems to want non stop notifications, where myself only needs them when I’m gone or asleep. But it also gives u an option to use universal so those settings can be used on all shared accounts! I was also able to review all video playbacks from my personal settings, but not his. But he could view all mine cuz hes the acct "owner"We just got our cam n sense today so maybe its a new updated version!

Can you look at setting up different alerts for different cameras? Or make it possible for a device to be shared and not require both people to have the same alert settings? I have cameras at my house and my parents (my dad has dementia). My mother monitors their house when home and I need to be able to monitor only when she is busy or not home. The only option at the moment is to allow and unallow access; which is not an option with how often it can change throughout the day. My alerts are constantly going off because of movement for the different cameras at their house and then I end up ignoring the ones at my house.

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I like to get motion notifications from a Wyze Cam at my gate on my iPhone. I set up a separate account and shared this camera along with 3 other cameras to another device (iPad) that is setup to view a 4 camera quad split 24x7 which is fantastic! However I only want to get the notification on my iPhone and turn off the notification on the iPad. The iPad doesn’t need to get the notifications because everytime it does it is a hassle with 4 or 5 steps to reset it back to the quad split. However changing settings on one account changes it on the other. Grrrr.

Don’t try to change that setting in the Wyze app, do it in the iPad settings instead. :wink:

Go into Settings → Notifications → Wyze on the iPad and turn “Allow Notifications” OFF

That worked!!! Woo hoo. Thanks so much for responding.
Greatly appreciated.
Best, Marko

I agree. this is urgent. My wife does NOT want me seeing her weight uploaded to my Google Fit. It would be nice if you could send each user to its own Google Fit or Apple Health account in the least, but the true fix should be to allow playback on shared accounts so she doesn’t have to use my google account to view playback.

Just checking up on this, it would be helpful to offer guests view only access.

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Great to have the sharing option but there are times I do not want to share but do not wish to lose the share.

Current: you have to delete the shared person

Wish: I could temp disable sharing instead.

Additionally, may be add scheduling too?

thank you.

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The current camera Share feature allows Shared users to change camera setting and even turn a camera or or off. I would like to Share a camera with neighbors so they can ONLY view the Live Stream and Event Videos. Please provide the a camera Share option that doesn’t allow the Shared user to modify settings.

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When it comes to my camera, I’m reticent to share it because guests viewers have the power to do everything I do just about.

So for things like use of the microphone, recording, snapshots, ptz, etc…û There should exist in this device the ability to grant or deny permission for each feature. Whomever I allow to view my camera should not be able to arbitrarily record, snap or scare the hell out of me by using the mic. additionally having a guests movements logged as they navigate through the devices I’ve shared with them. A pair of :eyes:, :eye:,:eyeglasses:, :see_no_evil: could appear when ever a guest is viewing
:eye: (cam, duration, etc)
Basically, I should be able control (grant or deny permission to) every feature viewers experience. Then and only then will I be comfortable sharing with family and friends

It’d be cool to chat with whomever your viewers are… That’s a pretty nice option also

🅹:o2:🅽:a:🆃🅷:a:🅽 :parking:🅴🆁🆁🆈

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I use my camera to allow my puppy buyers to watch the puppies in my home. However, I don’t like that they can turn the camera on after I’ve turned it off. I would like to see guests be allowed to watch and maybe move the camera view but not touch any controls. E.g. I turn off speaker… they can’t turn it on.

Additionally, I would like to see who’s watching at any given time.