Multiple smart sockets and V3 cameras

Can I use multiple Wyze Lamp Sockets and V3 cameras to light up 200-foot long driveway?
I would like to have a camera at each end and a series of lights between the two that would light up when motion is sensed at either end.

That would depend on whether you have wifi connectivity at each end of the driveway. I’d say at 200’ it isn’t likely. With something that long you might want to look at YoLink/YoSmart. They have some long range sensors that would work at each end of the driveway and could control a switch to activate the lights. I don’t have a suggestion if you need the cameras.

I have a pretty strong WiFi signal throughout the area. I ran power and Cat 7 cabling all over the place and have multiple Unfi APs.
The question is whether I have put a camera at each entry point for the driveway and have it turn on the lights along the route.

I think the sockets use bluetooth to communicate with the camera, if not attached by a cable. So I guess the answer is what is the range for bluetooth?

I would have thought that I would have been able to activate the smart socket with an event-driven rule, like other Wyze devices (i.e. turn on house lights when Wyze lock is opened).
@WildBill - how many of the smart sockets do you have installed, and how are you using them?

Zero… The sockets don’t use wifi. You need at least one camera connected to one socket and then you can connect four more (I believe). The extras communicate via bluetooth (I think). A couple of things to keep in mind… First the camera is the link to your wifi and the camera controls the sockets. You can create a group of sockets with 5 of them. From what I read, those 5 will function as one, not individually. You can create rules, but not sure what options are available for the sockets. One more thing, they are not designed for direct outdoor use and must be protected from the elements (which I assume you probably already know.)

From the FAQs:


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