Multiple push notifications for one event. CAM PLUS

I have notifications set to only “person” and when I go outside to grill it will send a push notification almost every time I move. Not every 5 min, more like ever 15 seconds I’m near the camera its pinging my phone that there is a person. what can i do to limit it? APP is up to date as of 10/24/23.

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The server will notify you every time an uploaded video is tagged with “Person”.

What is happening is that the cam sees you, uploads (which tags & notifies), sees a pause in motion, stops uploading, and then the cam sees you move again which repeats it all again. In order for the Event to be a max 5m, you would have to produce 5m of sustained movement.

When I go out to do yard work, I have a Rule that turns off the notifications to the cams I will be in front of.