Multiple product bugs/defects WyzeCamV2, WyzeOutdoorCam,Wyze Sprinkler

I have ten(10) WyzecamV2. When powering up (after being powered down) 3-4 cameras show the same behavior: when powering up, the video shows a red/purple flash which then triggers an (spurious) event which is recorded.

I have one (1) Wyze Outdoor cam. When I power it down, it automatically powers itself back up. This generates a lot of actual events - the reason for powering down in the first place.

I have one (1) Wyze sprinkler. It sporadically disconnects from the internet and just as sporadically reconnects to the internet - with no human intervention. Rebooting the router doesn’t change the behavior. Resetting & reinitializing the sprinkler doesn’t change the behavior. The 2.4gHz signal @ the sprinkler is 51dB. 10 ft away is a wyzeCamV2 @53dB that never loses internet (2 yrs). 12 ft away in another room is another wyzecamv2 @ 54dB that never loses internet (1 yr).